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XPRIZE for Science-Fiction Stories

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    XPRIZE has started a competition for Science-Fiction stories 20 years in the future. $10,000 package of stuff to the winner (including trip to Japan).

    The story is to fit in a frame story of a person on a seat of an airplane that gets transported into the future.

    "The competition, which begins today and runs through August 25, 2017, is open to anyone over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world who submits a short story between 2,000 – 4,000 words. The stories will be judged based on unique vision of the future, adherence to story prompt, and alignment with a techno-optimistic view of the future. XPRIZE will narrow the selection to three finalists and members of the Science Fiction Advisory Council will vote on the finalist pieces to select the grand prize winner."
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    This is quite cool. My son told me about it yesterday.

    If only I could write a cool sci-fi short story.

    For those of you who might attempt such a feat there's the HemingwayApp.com website to check what you've written.
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    Wow! Just saw this. Normally, with themed contests I try to dredge up some trunk story that fits. But that'd never work here. Which means I'd have to actually write something new. Also, this stipulation always bugs me for some reason:
    Which I think means technology will have made the future way better than I suspect it's going to be making it, not that for 10G in prizes I wouldn't be averse to a little bullshitting...
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