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Yea woo hoo, first year of college done

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    Yeah who hoo, I did my first year of college. All I did was did all my homework at the library for hours on end and completed all my classes. I used to think high achieving students were born smart. Now I know that the just spend endless of hours at the library.

    All of my classes are really easy, I could had done the same classes I'm doing right now as a 14/15 year old. I am 23.
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    Congrats Apple_Mango! Hopefully the advanced classes will challenge you more. Have you thought about adding another course to your schedule next year? Maybe you can graduate early? What degree btw?
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    Actually, I believe that high-achieving students have something in addition to intelligence and a good work ethic, namely maturity. I think you have more of that than the 18-year olds in your first year classes. When I taught in college, the older, "non-traditional" students, when compared against their younger counterparts, were not particularly smarter, but they had better studying habits, they met their obligations more responsibly, they had a clear view of their college goals and they knew what it took to reach them. Count your blessings.
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    I am going into physics. I still have a long way to ago. I will only take 4 courses, I don't wish to add anothor class. I still have a long way to go to graduate. I am in algebra 2. In 12 months, I will be finally take physics for college credit. I'm just going for a BA.
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