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Your assignment: Design a post-apocalyptic communication system

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    I'm a programmer but weak on hardware so I'd appreciate your help. In a novel I'm writing there are about one hundred underground cities housing one million people in the US; the rest of our population is dead. Somewhat smaller percentage of survivors in Europe and Asia. We have several years warning and want to establish a communication system - internet and television - for the survivors, including - if possible - communication with Europe and Asia via undersea cables. The cities have plenty of energy available but there will be none between cities, so I wonder if the distances between nodes will make it impractical.

    Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Sounds like the original design parameter for the internet... so what's wrong with that?
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    This but with really long strings
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    Ham Radio?
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    Satellite comms?
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    they should use the remaining us nuclear arsenal to broadcast morsecode seismically.

    they can use old USGS equipment if they're a little further away or hard of hearing.
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