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Total security communication system

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    1) System should allow gov total surveillance of citizens (From the good side there would gov provided cloud computing, cloud storage and free WiFi equivalent for all. ;) ) Violent crime rate would be already low, the system is more planed for fighting tax evasion, suicide, wasting too much time, unhealthy lifestyle, more advanced white collar crime...
    2) System should also be designed to offer maximum encryption against interception of any transmission against any outsider, even if the outsider tried to break it.
    3) System should be transparent enough, that if something is electronically signed by a citizen, no one would seriously doubt it.
    4) System should be able to effectively cut off any node (computer, mobile phone) that is being misused including being captured by enemy.
    5) Communication net signal, should be able to be used for as part of passive array of radars. Simultaneously it would advantageous to deny this system to any enemy.
    6) Military should be able to withstand destruction of command center, while simultaneously make it really hard to make a coup d'etat by a disgruntled officer using army battle drones.
    7) Technology - not much better than any contemporary. Post apocalyptic setting, low population, no contact with any outside community.
    8) It's not a police state as such, it's more just a system designed with high level of paranoia

    Solution (or anyone please suggest how to solve above mentioned problems in different way):
    Add. 1 and 2)
    a) any encryption is forbidden unless openly allowed by gov
    b) all encryption done by gov issued chips, that are hard to tamper
    c) all wireless and long range fiber optic communication cyphered
    d) any connection that's cyphered, anyway has to be uncyphered on designated gov servers and back upped there (in case of security agencies, they can control each other)

    Add. 3) a)All citizens issued cards for electronic signature. So safety provided by:
    -card itself (designed to self destruct any data in case of breaking)
    -need to connect net, to check whether it is not cancelled

    b) Any citizen who lost card could for a minor fee get a new one. He would prove who he is thanks to biometrical data. People could also get more of such cards, to be able to sign something with their function (as CEO of company)

    c) All electronic documents are automatically archived and time stamped by gov.

    Add 4) All wireless communication cyphered. Code changed regularly and automatically. Any device that does not get the new one - disqualified. Even for GPS like signal.

    Add 5) a) Private mobile communication also sent to computer clusters, that would just process it to analyse how signal was distorted.
    b) to deny same system to any enemy such communication instead of using normal bands signal would be "distorted" through pseudorandom algorithm running on both sender and receiver. (minor speeding up/delays, a bit higher/lower frequency)

    Add 6) a) A few dozens designated servers, each of them could be used as "the one" for purpose of any conflict, or even possibility to run whole command system on a few computers. Such servers normally are being used, just have extra role in case of emergency.
    b) issuing all high rank officers ability to launch such system but on condition than more than ex. dozen signs so. In case of approved by civilian authority military alert / evidence of destruction of a few crucial mainframes - the required threshold goes down to a few officers.
    c) no need to physically put all those officers in single location, they can lead any potential remnants of army just from their web connected computers.
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    I'm not sure I have that must trust for all future governments.
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    Postapocaliptic setting + this group of survivors didn't have high share of Americans + serious social changes and political evolution during a few generations + they would presumably be shocked by level of trust that Americans put in mental stability of their highly armed neighbours ;) + there is a (twisted?) logic of recording everything to provide high level of accountability and transparency
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    You have to have some sort of system that keeps it stable or else it would suffer from societal rot. If generation 1 allows a small military to protect it's people, generation 2 will be comfortable with a slightly bigger military, generation 3 will be comfortable with a slightly bigger military still. Generation 4 might not like how big the military has gotten, but now it's too late to do anything. I would think any system where the government has total control will eventually lead to a totalitarian rule unless there are systems set up specifically to avoid that, especially in a society where the government can control the media or directly influence it's people through propaganda. What you describe sounds similar to what I would expect the world to have become if the Nazis won WWII.
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    Seems that I managed:

    (or at least system in unconventional enough to make proving me wrong hard :D )

    I would like to discuss technicalities of military in different topic. But to make a long story short:
    -no contact with other human communities,
    -expect that other may have survived and their intent is unknown, and may be well armed
    -tiny, well trained army (if you're making comparisons with Germans, that's more in Weinmar Republic style :D )
    -to make the army peaceful enough insisting on 1/3 quota for women;
    -low tech progress makes old weapons not obsolete, preferring cheap (yes, highly un-American :D ) mass produced drones, allowing to stack during decades insane reserves of battle equipment
    -keeping the military spending really low, below 0.5% of GDP (making nowadays democracies highly militarized countries :D )
    -slowly tinkering the system to make it fortified enough to repel any invasion (think that in order to get promoted you have to implement a few innovations that would leave your beloved country better defended, and such promotions were repeated dozens of times...)

    Too simple model. Boring for story reasons. You are not first person on this forum to assume that's any conventional authoritarianism. (It's more a mixture of democracy, technocracy and "Brave new world" style system.)

    EDIT: I don't know whether I stated my request clearly enough I look for advices how to make such system even safer within reasonable price.
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