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Automotive Your opinion - which Course/Software Tools to do

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    your opinion -- which Course/Software Tools to do

    Hello Everyone
    I graduated in automotive engineering and I am looking to settle down in this field but as I don't have enough work experience in this sector and I am looking to apply for jobs in automotive sector I want to learn further and build a good career, but I am really confused in which COURSE/SOFTWARE TOOLS to do(like NASTRAN/PATRAN/LS DYNA/CATIA SO ON). so could anyone please suggest me some automotive courses which are vastly used in automotive industry/manufacturing sectors, which has good job prospects at the moment. I will really owe you a lot if you could suggest me by taking your valuable time.
    looking forward to hear from you soon

    With regards
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    Re: please suggest your opinion

    Do you have any particular portion of the automobile you are looking at to specialize or are you just going to pick and go with it?
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    Re: please suggest your opinion

    Nothin in particular about specalizing in one specific area. I'm considering over all.just courses which has much future scope and good career prospects will be fine.
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    Re: please suggest your opinion

    Have you actually done any work in auto-maintenance, so you have some idea where there might be some engineering deficiencies? It's a pretty good idea to get hands-on experience it you want specialize, so you won't waste your time and money. Just my opinion.
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