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A tool is an object that can extend an individual's ability to modify features of the surrounding environment. Although many animals use simple tools, only human beings, whose use of stone tools dates back hundreds of millennia, have been observed using tools to make other tools. Early tools, made of such materials as stone, bone, and wood, were used for preparation of food, hunting, manufacture of weapons, and working of materials to produce clothing and useful artifacts. The development of metalworking made additional types of tools possible. Harnessing energy sources such as animal power, wind, or steam, allowed increasingly complex tools to produce an even larger range of items, with the Industrial Revolution marking an marked inflection point in the use of tools. The introduction of automation allowed tools to operate with minimal human supervision, further increasing the productivity of human labor.

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  1. W

    Deleting metadata: Any good tools?

    Hi all, I suspect some of the same, blackmail emails I've received may be the result if my carelessness in not clearing , cleaning/wiping out the metadata in some of the links, pics I've posted. I doubt PF is part of the problem, but likely others are. Is there some good freeware to wipe it...
  2. elad katzir

    Studying What math tools are especially important for physics majors?

    hi all! I'm a first-year second-semester physics major, problem is I'm very weak at math, often not getting questions right just because I get stuck with the mathematics part. this affects me in both mechanics and electricity what are the most important math subject and tools needed for physics...
  3. Haorong Wu

    I Any tools that can help find the equation for a set of data?

    Suppose that I can generate the result of a function ## c_{x,y}=f(x,y)## by a method not involving the function ##f##. I need to find ##f(x,y)## now. The expression of ##f(x,y)## is expected to contain basic algebra operation (+-*/), power, absolute value and factorial. I have tried to find it...
  4. S

    Fingernail not tough enough for opening tools on a Swiss Army Knife

    Is any tool available for a person to use instead of putting their weak finger nail into the groove of one of the functions of a swiss army knife or victorinox knife in order to open that function? Some of our nails are just not tough enough to put into those grooves to pull the function out...
  5. dlgoff

    Help identifying these early American Indian tools please

    I was looking through my arrow heads so I could add another row on this board: https://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/img_3670-jpg.290343/ and found this tool?: I'm not sure what it was used for, maybe for scraping? It was found with the arrowheads in Arkansas. Also found there was this...
  6. Limebat

    B Can you use hand tools on the moon?

    No, this isn't a homework question. I'm genuinely curious; If I were to magically teleport and happenstance with a shovel and survive the harsh climate, could I use said shovel? Maybe hand drills? I would assume the shovel would be a class one lever, and thus the moon's lower gravity would...
  7. T

    Did working as a MechE help you learn about tools in a machine shop?

    The first career that I tried to have was as a mechanical engineer. I majored in mechanical engineering at a university, but I failed out of the university. I've always been curious as to exactly what most mechanical engineers do most of the time. I imagine that the vast majority of the...
  8. D

    MHB Geometry Quiz Help: Tools & Techniques

    I need help with these quiz
  9. PeroK

    Starting to Learn Python: Development Tools and Environments

    I finally decided to learn how to program in Python. The basic syntax seems easy enough, but I have a few questions: There is a dizzying array of editors and IDE's out there. What is a good option to get started? I've never programmed (or done anything technical) on Windows. Is there any...
  10. jedishrfu

    Genetic Data Tools Reveal How Pop Music Evolved

    An interesting article from the Physics Archive Blog:
  11. Rachelye

    Ansys tools for different software applications

    I am a mechanical engineering student and I know that our school will use ANSYS as simulation tools in the fall semester. And when I talk with one engineer, I know that they will use different kinds of ANSYS tools for the same project. The engineer uses ANSYS’s tools: Mechanical, Fluent, Maxwell...
  12. DaveC426913

    Appliances Faulty DeWalt Battery charger for power tools

    I've replaced the charger for my DeWalt tools several times, and now I may have to go out and get a fourth one. One of them flashes a fault warning (steady slow flash), the other two do not light up at all. Now, I do not take care of my tools. All three of these chargers may have been exposed...
  13. Danielle Agamon

    Electrical Equipment (Automatic Transfer Switch)

    What are the scenarios for the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch to operate?)
  14. D

    Choosing the Best Metal for Surgical Tools: Steel or Titanium?

    Hello Colleagues, I have a project for medical application. It has a cutting part for precise incisions. It should have excellent notch tensile strength and resistance to pitting corrosion. Obviousely this should be surgical steel or titanium. What would you take?
  15. B

    Tools to differentiate silver from molybdenum

    I remember reading on a blog or a news article on the internet once that sometimes counterfeiters have made fake silver coins and silver bars out of molybdenum. Silver is worth far more than molybdenum. Counterfeiters made fake silver out of molybdenum because they could acquire the molybdenum...
  16. B

    Plastic-Eating Worms Could Inspire Waste-Degrading Tools

    Wax moth larvae can consume and degrade polyethylene at an impressive rate Researchers in Spain and England recently found that the larvae of the greater wax moth can efficiently degrade polyethylene, which accounts for 40 percent of plastics. The team left 100 wax worms on a commercial...
  17. MikeTownsend

    DC motor voltage recommendations for a bike and power tools

    I have been working on some projects, I build a glass grinder, faceter with a 120v induction AC motor. Its not possible to effectively change the speeds with electronic controls being a single phase motor. It is using belts and pulleys for now. So I am wanting to build several tools, rock...
  18. R

    Mathematical topics for high school investigation

    In the IB diploma program, they ask for a "Mathematical Exploration", where I have to deal with a topic with mathematical tools. For example: How to get the perfect exit of Gymnastics Bars? In "exploration" you have to see the measurements, the angles, velocity trajectories, mathematical tools...
  19. R

    B Math tools in a travel to Alpha Centauri?

    I want to know what mathematical tools I would use in the event that we have the right technology. So far I have only calculated the distance to Alpha Centauri using parallax. I need any other tool: hypothetical speeds of ships, trigonometry, vectors, trajectories, any tool that is necessary...
  20. B

    A Tools to transform primitive cell orientation

    In case the orientation of a primitive cell is not what I want, is there tools to do a user-supplied 3D rotation to bring the primitive cell to the preferential orientation and output the new coordinates? Thanks,
  21. C

    Private tutoring - what tools / resources do you use?

    Hi everyone. Looking to get back into offering private tutoring in physics. (Mod note: changed "tuition" to "tutoring" here and in the thread title.) I used to carry a few textbooks with me and my paper notes with lots of printed exam papers for student to try. I am looking to go paperless...
  22. aleazk

    Tools to enrich our quantum mechanics interpretations discourse - Comments

    aleazk submitted a new PF Insights post Tools to Enrich our Quantum Mechanics Interpretations Discourse Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  23. Spiralone

    Create educational tools to explain mechanisms & vibrations

    Hello, I have to hold a short course on applied mechanics and mechanical vibrations and I would like to develop a tool similar to the one shown in the linked webinar below (min 27.43): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TH5SLghYPY&t=27m45s What do you think would be the best software to develop...
  24. M

    Analyzing Convergence and Rewriting Sequences: A Mathematical Approach

    I need the math tools to understand and analyze sequences and their convergence. I know for example that the fibonacci series can be rewritten such that we can calculate for example nr 153 without knowledge of previous numbers. What math subjects is needed to take care of more complicated...
  25. Tony Stark

    What are the top tools for creating animated videos on profiles?

    Which are the most common tools that can be used to create such videos ?
  26. M

    Collaboration tools for physics students

    What kind of collaboration tools do you guys use in Physics? Let's say you need to work in a group for a class. How do you collaborate with the other members of the group? Do you use a special messaging app? Github? Trello?
  27. SixNein

    Building a Home Lab: My Electronics Tools & Supplies

    Do you have a home lab? What does your lab consist of? My lab mostly consists of electronics tools like an oscilloscope, function generator, various power supplies, meters, and so forth.
  28. L

    Computing tools for social studies documents

    Maybe it is not that specific to social studies when one is talking about document computing tools (which I refer to content-related tools here, e.g. Charting, Visualising, Flowcharting, and Infographing tools, etc), but I really am curious about what specific tools are social studies...
  29. profinger

    Tools every engineer should have for measurement?

    I love measuring and quantifying the world. I'm curious if I'm missing any good, essential tools. I'm also curious of some good, affordable fill-ins for some measurement capabilities that I may be missing. I currently have: Laser Distance Measure Radar gun Scales IR Temp Sensor pH Meter...
  30. stephenranger

    Using Compressed Air Tools Outdoors: Can it be Done?

    Homework Statement Car mechanics use compressed air tools to open bolts. Instead of using an air compressor one can also use a tank of pressurized air. There is an air tank with a volume of 50 L to work with. The pressure of the tank is 50 bars when it is stored indoors at 20 °C. The bolt...
  31. 22990atinesh

    Why Graphing Tools doesn't represent hole in a graph

    Why Graphing Tools doesn't represent hole in a graph of a function. A Hole at a point in a graph is point where function is not defined.Suppose there is a function ##\frac{x}{\root{x-1}-1}## Its should be like this But online tools and even my android graphing tool app shows graph like this...
  32. C

    Constructability of Roots (esp w/Hilbert Tools)

    ello all, This is largely a repost of something I posted on r/math, but didn't seem to find any luck there with two of my questions, so I'm asking it again here with the hopes that someone here can answer my questions. Thanks! I'm studying for a final in geometry, and I know I'm going to get a...
  33. A

    Advice on conference/blackboard tools

    Hello guys, Haven't posted in a long while, but I need some advice. Not sure this is the proper subforum, but here it goes: My PhD advisor is currently in another city (and will be there for a long while). Since we interacted frequently when he was around, we started using the phone or skype...
  34. petormojer

    Free books or learning tools for electrical engineering?

    What free books/pdfs or online learning tools(encyclopedias/notes) are there on electrical engineering that you recommend?
  35. R

    Convincing Bosses to Use the Right Tools - 65 Characters

    I need certain tools to do my job, but my boss want's me to use bovine manure tools that don't work well. I.e. it will take huge amounts (weeks) of both my and my teams time. While the right tools will cost a few hundred dollars and will be working within a week. I've had this problem...
  36. A

    Graphics programming for Windows - what tools to use?

    I have plenty of experience of other systems, from right back to Calcomp pen plotters and the first graphics terminals up to OpenGL, but I haven't done any graphics programming for a few years and I've never programmed graphics on Windows before. So the question is, what libraries...
  37. T

    Where Can I Find High-Quality Geometry Tools for Long-Lasting Use?

    What are great compass, protractor and ruler brands for geometry? I want to learn geometry properly and I need to invest in some tools. Price is not an issue if the tools will last many years
  38. L

    Micro/SEM research: Tools and Set up Help?

    Hey Everyone, A while back I had posted a question here looking for some research ideas for an undergraduate project utilizing the SEM. It had to be microbiology related as I am combing credits for two courses. My project is about testing different antibacterial methods against E. coli...
  39. C

    Would there be a market for physics/chemistry web development tools?

    I've been making various PHP scripts that make it easier for me to build chemistry tutorials but I spend a lot of time making this software, so it would be cool if I could make some money in the process. Would you say people would pay for something like a chemistry tool wordpress plugin which...
  40. N

    What kind of tools do physicists use?

    I know physicists use measurement tools to measure things from speed to capacitance, but a lot of people tell me that physicists have hands on work.....where is this hands-on work? Besides doing the math and measuring data in experiments, what do physicists do that can be considered hands-on work?
  41. J

    Backing material - useful tools at eeweb.com

    Backing material -- useful tools at eeweb.com Hellow! I'w like to divulgate this material that I searched... It's nice calculator (is possible to make download) http://www.eeweb.com/toolbox/calculator And some formulas http://www.eeweb.com/toolbox/math-help Do you have something...
  42. P

    Mathematical tools for continuum mechanics

    Hello^^ (I'm new here) I want to know the mathematical tools i need to study continuum mechanics. It would be great if someone give me a link that contains video lectures. Thanks for help .
  43. E

    Hand and power tools for Mechanical Engineering

    hi engineers i found very rare videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz4lzGv7pbZB-w6Zl_0ERvA1Ro3VeMgdo at https://www.youtube.com/user/MechanicsForAgrEng i hope you like it for science
  44. Albert1

    MHB Prove A < B without Calculation Tools

    A=$1001^{999}$ B=$1000^{1000}$ Prove :A<B (note :any calculation tools are not allowed ,also no use of log function)
  45. Y

    Mathematical tools for analysis of solutions of optim. control problem

    Hi, i’m looking for some mathematical tools for analysis or classification of solutions of optimal control problems/variational. Equations of motions and optimized function depend on some parameters eg. dX1/dt = f(X1,X2, u1, p1) dX2/dt = f(X1,X2, u2, p2) where X1,X2 are state variables, u1,u2...
  46. I

    Good resources for workshop tools

    Hi All! I have to make a report on workshop tools(Ex : Angle plate, V-block, Dividers,Tri square, Scriber, Vernier depth gauge, Surface gauge, Calipers, Radius gauge, vernier height gauge, Go-No-go gauge)I've gone through Wikipedia links,and I am in search for more details. Please share...
  47. A

    Automotive Your opinion - which Course/Software Tools to do

    your opinion -- which Course/Software Tools to do Hello Everyone I graduated in automotive engineering and I am looking to settle down in this field but as I don't have enough work experience in this sector and I am looking to apply for jobs in automotive sector I want to learn further and...
  48. S

    What is the Standard Model and How Does it Predict Missing Links in Physics?

    do we have tools to find missing links in physics like periodic table of elements that helped chemistry to predict elements not know at that time?
  49. DocZaius

    Create a field with 4 right angles without tools?

    Hey, I'm guessing this might be as good a place as any on this forum to ask for some ideas. So every week me and friends play a soccer game at a local field. It's basically an empty field and we create our own field of play within it with cones. We have 4 cones, one for each corner of the...
  50. M

    Engineering What tools do control engineers use?

    Hey everyone- Does anyone have any idea what kind of software/computer languages/tools a control systems engineer would use on a daily basis? I know 'control systems engineer' is a vague title- I'm looking specifically at like aircraft flight control systems (networks of mechanical and...