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Z Boson, Posiron-Electron Annihilation.

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    Suppose I want to find the minimum velocity of the electron and positron required to make a Z boson during annihilation. How would I go about this? I had an attempt which came out at 422ms^-1. This doesnt really seem right... so i'm guessing i made a big mistake...
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    If Z-boson is much heavier than electron, then the initial particles should be highly relativistic: with v ≈ c (to create a real Z-boson, not virtual).
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    You need kinetic energy of the two ([tex]2 \gamma m_e c^2 [/tex]) to add up to rest energy of the Z boson. That gives you [tex]\gamma[/tex] around 90 thousand. Velocity [tex]v = c \sqrt{1-1/\gamma^2} \approx c(1-1/2\gamma^2)[/tex]
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