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I Zill DE text says (y-x)dx+(4xy)dy=0 can be rewritten as...

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    Zill DE text says (y-x)dx+(4xy)dy=0 can be rewritten as:


    Am I missing something? I got 4xyy'+y=x instead.

    Very rarely have I ever required starting a thread in a forum to resolve something as seemingly trivial as this but I just want to verify whether this is a typo or not.

    Here are the steps I took:

    The original is: (y-x)dx+(4xy)dy = 0

    From there I got:



    (4xy)dy/dx = x-y


    (4xy)y'+y=x or 4xyy'+y=x
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    Your reasoning looks correct. Perhaps the text has a typo.
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