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Zipgenius compression program, command line options

  1. Dec 4, 2015 #1
    I'm trying Zipgenius because it has excellent reviews from many sources, and it is free.
    The problem is, I can't find any documentation at all. In the program and on the official web site, the FAQ and Help links go to dead web addresses.
    In particular, I would like to know the syntax to zip and unzip a group of text files, with and without a password, from the Windows 10 command prompt.
    If it was the PKware brand product, the equivalent syntax would be:
    pkzip FILENAME.zip *.txt
    pkzip -sPASSWORD FILENAME.zip *.txt
    pkunzip FILENAME.zip
    pkunzip -sPASSWORD FILENAME.zip
    In Zipgenius I know the syntax is zg(.exe) something, but no matter what I type after that I get only
    cryptic error messages such as
    Exception EStringList Error in module zg.exe at 0005377D, List index out of bounds (0)
    Thank you to anyone who can help me.
    ZipGenius version
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    Have you tried zipgenius /?
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    Yes, I tried the arguments ? and /?, which do not result in any output at all. However, I am going to withdraw my request for help now, because I found out today that 7-zip (freeware) does what I need. The newest 7-zip for windows 10 on a 64 bit machine is fully compatable with the 20-year-old pkzip and pkunzip for 16 bit machines, reading and updating each other's archives with no difficulty. Thank you.
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