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Zoology -- How a mosquito's CO2 detection system works?

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    Don't know about mosquitoes, but in Drosophilia, CO2 sensing neurons have been studied. Drosophila melanogaster is the best understood insect due to its status as a research model organism. Many, but not necessarily all of its receptors will probably be shared with mosquitoes. Both mosquitoes and Drosophila are diptern flies (only one pair of large wings).

    In Drosophila, at least some CO2 sensing neurons seem to open ion channels in response to high CO2 levels by sensing intracellular acid levels.
    The acidity of intracellular fluids will increase when exposed to high CO2 levels, triggering the channel to allow ions to cross the membrane leading to changes in membrane potential.

    I have not found a description of a mechanism to change in channel protein conformation in high pH to underlie its opening.
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    Thank you for your answer! :D

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