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Science Fiction Writing

- Writers, get ideas and advice for your stories from sci-fi fans and science professionals.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Dare I suggest another sticky? (Apparently so.) Atomic Rockets Forensics Demystified Commonly referred-to...
Feb4-14 11:12 AM
6 4,793
Could we have a sticky to collect some of the more helpful general advice on the do's and dont's of plot-construction...
Dec20-13 04:01 PM
12 6,604
In this forum, it is possible for writers to ask for help with science-fiction or fantasy stories. Since...
Aug26-12 06:51 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 4,207
I know, it sounds a little more epic than it really is. It is true, however. I am in the process of writing a story...
Jul26-14 11:04 PM
Void Heart
8 661
Writing: Input Wanted FTL, avoiding time travel issues? ( 1 2)
After reading about everything I can find on the subject while researching for a story, I've come to the conclusion...
Jul24-14 06:10 PM
19 3,304
Hello. My name is Brian McKinley. I beginning work on a hard(ish) science fiction comic titled Verdant Spiral. I...
Jul19-14 09:39 PM
4 1,384
I've done some calculations. At first glimpse, yes it sounds very nice, that with missiles you can attack way outside...
Jul18-14 07:44 AM
12 3,076
So tell me what you think folks, is any of this jargon good or does it suck? I claim that it is all original and...
Jul15-14 09:53 AM
12 1,279
Alright, so there's a RP website I'm on that has a fairly detailed description of their solar system. However, they...
Jul12-14 04:41 PM
8 1,156
Hi, What would be a plausible explanation for the induced supernova of a star? (Or at least an explanation that had...
Jul10-14 06:11 AM
6 1,953
Hello everyone. I am world-building for a fantasy setting. I've had an idea and I'm not sure if it's feasible or...
Jul3-14 09:53 PM
2 2,455
I'm aware my following thoughts are highly speculative at best, i just wish to be explained, are they total magic, do...
Jun22-14 03:08 AM
11 2,242
I wonder if I might pick the brains of the forum's experts? I am embarking on creating a new gaming campaign...
Jun18-14 05:54 PM
43 6,449
habitable zone, planets Writing: Input Wanted Planet Year
How far from the sun would a planet of roughly Earth's mass have to be from its sun to have a year the length of two...
Jun11-14 05:55 AM
14 1,797
Writing: Input Wanted Historical time and place paradox
So, I have an idea to write a (sort of) "time travel" story in which future historians are able to transport a...
Jun10-14 05:33 AM
8 1,512
While I enjoy space opera (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc) my favorite fictional genre is the rarer hard science fiction,...
Jun1-14 03:40 PM
28 3,692
Writing: Input Wanted Tech Support needed for Spaceship
Hello Folks. I am writing a Sci-Fi Tale set in the late 22nd century and I need some Help designing some aspects of...
May21-14 06:17 PM
6 1,415
Hello, I am a game developer working on a science fiction video game. The game is intended to be vaguely...
May21-14 07:33 AM
2 1,301
Hey guys, I'm writing a story where Earth suffers a catastrophic event, destroying all surface and ocean life. The...
May20-14 06:07 PM
3 1,332
Requested info for a sci-fi short story I'm writing: You are approaching the event horizon of a supermassive (10...
May15-14 09:24 AM
5 1,907
I'm new to this forum, but I've been reading here a lot over the past several days. I'm planning on starting a sci-fi...
May15-14 07:10 AM
5 1,310
At first, i would have questions about Io. How should i imagine the electric flux between it and Jupiter? Does it...
May15-14 01:56 AM
5 1,982
I'm planning a semi-hard SF (around Mohs scale 4). I wonder, what can be the weaknesses of a robotic army? That...
May15-14 01:54 AM
14 1,579
I have completed a few chapters. I am writing a story about a couple on New Earth which is this planet that is not...
May14-14 08:36 AM
22 2,982
So we are playing a Serenity game, and after the adventure our DM rewards us with a highly rare and expensive water...
May13-14 03:43 PM
10 1,458
Im writing a story in which it is possible to travel very close to the speed of light. Lets say for the moment that...
May13-14 12:50 PM
8 2,754
Hi all, Thank you for the pleasure of being part of this forum. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong area, please feel...
May13-14 08:36 AM
14 2,520
Hello! I'm working on creating a sci-fi setting for a tactical space combat video game and short story series, and I...
May12-14 09:58 PM
14 1,676
Okay, I've been thinking of writing a story and I have a few questions. First, the idea is that a cargo ship on the...
May10-14 03:30 PM
21 7,453
I'm interested in that question not for novel purpose, but for pen and paper RPG scenario. Assumptions: 1) It...
May8-14 12:45 PM
35 7,806
While the caverns of Earth isnt really lifeless, but as far as i know, only small beings can sustain themselves with...
Apr25-14 11:22 AM
12 1,487
Hi, I am writing a sci-fi comic and would need an info, which is very similar to this thread: ...
Apr21-14 02:57 PM
2 1,283
Hi everyone, As you might gather from my moniker, I am a writer. I'm working on a sort of crime novel and have a...
Mar27-14 02:49 PM
1 1,528
Hello my name is Dax, I'm currently in the world building stage of a science fiction I am writing and I came here to...
Mar23-14 06:20 PM
1 1,457
I have written sci-fi short story. Question is how fast and loose am I playing with science and theories about the big...
Mar21-14 09:46 AM
M. Bachmeier
13 1,958
I'm working on a SF story that takes place on Binary Planets orbiting a single star. I've worked out their mean...
Mar13-14 06:03 AM
15 2,078
Hi everyone, first post here. Lurking for a while but it was time to register.. I'm trying to conceptualize an idea...
Mar2-14 05:25 AM
6 1,623
Ok, so I've been doing some research about wormholes and Faster than Light travel for a book I'm writing and I have a...
Feb26-14 06:03 PM
2 1,590
Ideally with: no neuromotor or cognitive losses diagnosable at least two years before death with a (literal)...
Feb24-14 01:04 PM
10 1,894
I was wondering what happens when sub-atomic particles collide together. Could the energy created from this event...
Feb11-14 08:59 PM
Simon Bridge
7 1,719
Hello everyone, A while ago I played XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and, at some point, I carried out an autopsy on a "Thin...
Feb10-14 05:49 PM
2 1,548
I'm writing a sci-fi story and I'd like to make it, at the very least, scientifically plausible (in the way that...
Feb6-14 08:48 PM
11 1,890
If I may use the "facepalm" meter of Sci-Fi hardness. Examples The film Gravity, in which only the astronauts in...
Feb5-14 05:48 PM
18 3,757

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