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Science Fiction Writing

- Writers, get ideas and advice for your stories from sci-fi fans and science professionals.
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Dare I suggest another sticky? (Apparently so.) Atomic Rockets Forensics Demystified Commonly referred-to...
Feb4-14 11:12 AM
6 3,192
Could we have a sticky to collect some of the more helpful general advice on the do's and dont's of plot-construction...
Dec20-13 04:01 PM
12 4,479
In this forum, it is possible for writers to ask for help with science-fiction or fantasy stories. Since...
Aug26-12 06:51 PM
Greg Bernhardt
0 2,669
Requested info for a sci-fi short story I'm writing: You are approaching the event horizon of a supermassive (10...
Apr2-14 12:35 PM
4 427
Hi everyone, As you might gather from my moniker, I am a writer. I'm working on a sort of crime novel and have a...
Mar27-14 02:49 PM
1 236
Hello my name is Dax, I'm currently in the world building stage of a science fiction I am writing and I came here to...
Mar23-14 06:20 PM
1 153
I have written sci-fi short story. Question is how fast and loose am I playing with science and theories about the big...
Mar21-14 09:46 AM
M. Bachmeier
13 312
I'm working on a SF story that takes place on Binary Planets orbiting a single star. I've worked out their mean...
Mar13-14 06:03 AM
15 462
Hi everyone, first post here. Lurking for a while but it was time to register.. I'm trying to conceptualize an idea...
Mar2-14 05:25 AM
6 285
Ok, so I've been doing some research about wormholes and Faster than Light travel for a book I'm writing and I have a...
Feb26-14 06:03 PM
2 307
Ideally with: no neuromotor or cognitive losses diagnosable at least two years before death with a (literal)...
Feb24-14 01:04 PM
10 345
I'm aware my following thoughts are highly speculative at best, i just wish to be explained, are they total magic, do...
Feb12-14 01:35 PM
5 555
Okay, I've been thinking of writing a story and I have a few questions. First, the idea is that a cargo ship on the...
Feb12-14 08:02 AM
15 1,232
I was wondering what happens when sub-atomic particles collide together. Could the energy created from this event...
Feb11-14 08:59 PM
Simon Bridge
7 412
Hello everyone, A while ago I played XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and, at some point, I carried out an autopsy on a "Thin...
Feb10-14 05:49 PM
2 277
I'm writing a sci-fi story and I'd like to make it, at the very least, scientifically plausible (in the way that...
Feb6-14 08:48 PM
11 424
If I may use the "facepalm" meter of Sci-Fi hardness. Examples The film Gravity, in which only the astronauts in...
Feb5-14 05:48 PM
18 685
Hi there, I was wondering if some scenario (about the moon) was possible for the book I'm writing (heroic...
Feb5-14 01:25 PM
10 372
At DARPA Robotics Challenge while robots could solve a numbver of things, they were still slow and clumsy compared to...
Feb5-14 12:31 PM
3 328
Hello. I just joined this wonderful community, so excuse me if I'm doing something wrong. I'm new to using forums. ...
Jan22-14 02:04 PM
12 492
I think about consequences of implementing insane amount of transparency within society. I mean not a case of merely...
Jan22-14 11:44 AM
8 442
Hello all, I am a first-time writer. I'm writing science fiction, and I'm trying to name my protagonist. She is a...
Jan21-14 12:43 PM
11 1,343
I'm currently writing a novel regarding a civil war on an alien planet - I plan to keep the book fairly grounded in...
Jan21-14 04:36 AM
4 383
For exact example, the Apollo rocket, that carried Armstrong to the Moon? Yes i read atomic rockets, but that...
Jan18-14 06:59 PM
6 453
Lets say there is a gas giant similar to Jupiter orbiting a yellow star similar to our Sun. The planet and moon orbit...
Jan18-14 06:42 PM
Simon Bridge
9 648
I'm here to test an idea and if anyone wants to help make it better, they are welcome to add their own. I have a story...
Jan18-14 09:11 AM
10 681
earth conditions, moons, physics, planets, suns Writing: Input Wanted Earth-like Sun-Synchronous Planet?
Hey there friends, I'm currently world building for a story and potentially a graphic novel. I'd describe the...
Jan17-14 04:06 PM
4 510
I need help as my 17 year old daughter is beating me. A few months ago my wife, daughter and started a competition...
Jan15-14 01:56 PM
1 854
Writing: Input Wanted Historians of the Universe
I have this little idea for science-fiction story. It would be about the community of scientists, who investigate from...
Jan8-14 08:26 AM
9 680
Does anyone know which type of orbit is most likely to result in habitable worlds in a binary star system -- a planet...
Jan3-14 08:56 AM
5 1,118
So I've done a little research on EMP and I know how they disable electronics, but I don't quite understand the...
Jan2-14 05:58 PM
3 596
I'm writing a sci-fi novel ("You don't say?") and I've decided that the only method of interstellar travel that will...
Jan1-14 09:28 AM
2 513
Hi all, Thank you for the pleasure of being part of this forum. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong area, please feel...
Dec29-13 09:55 PM
13 741
At first, i would have questions about Io. How should i imagine the electric flux between it and Jupiter? Does it...
Dec28-13 04:44 PM
2 493
I have an insane hypothetical question about energy and spitting atoms. I am currently writing my first novel in...
Dec27-13 01:00 AM
6 709
Would it be possible for biological life to evolve a part of itself to be as hard as iron? Iím thinking of a tree...
Dec22-13 05:30 AM
11 1,012
Hi All, I've got an idea brewing in my head that involves a inhabited moon. My original idea was a place that had...
Dec20-13 01:30 PM
6 744
I'm curious which kind of fossil energy sources could one find on a young Earth-like planet which is in its equivalent...
Dec20-13 12:11 PM
1 495
From Earth with the naked eye, the Moon is pretty small. If a nuclear weapon were detonated on the Moon, would it be...
Dec20-13 02:21 AM
6 650
battle, fiction, space Writing: Input Wanted Space Chess ( 1 2)
Well I'm planning a story, that would play in the not so far-far away future. I'am aiming around Mohs scale level 4, i...
Dec19-13 07:49 AM
18 1,798
This question mixes the fantastical notion of a force field with some down to earth mathematics, and itís the latter I...
Dec16-13 03:19 PM
2 507
There are many obstacles for life forms to overcome and many states of evolution that would have to take place for...
Dec1-13 10:24 PM
1 612
Approximately 100 trillion years hence the process of new stars being created will end, and slowly the remaining stars...
Dec1-13 01:29 PM
12 3,010

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