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Ranger Mike
Feb8-12, 03:50 AM
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Rick and Sierra, both have questions about rear end set up..
see post # 132 page 9 for 4 link info, post 116 page 8 for rear steer, post 81 page 6 for top link info, post 253 page 16 for 3rd link info and post 261 page 17 for 3rd link spring rate

now about the questions from Rick..we want the angles of the stock 4 link to form an Instant Center (IC) as far forward as possible. this longer lever cushions the acceleration when the tires hook up. Too short an IC distance means we have a lot of angle change on both sides and the car will be real darty when you nail it. Longer is better and gives the driver more control because you don't have a lot of angle change as the shorter IC has. I like your thinking about the rear steer since you are on asphalt and do not have a lot of body roll. You and tune with lower RC but we do not need bandaids..we need a set up to handle the weight transfer and kick enuff weight rearwards on turn exit to hook up. Have you calculated the total weight transfer to the front?

Sierra,,welcome ..please look up the posts and let us discuss your set up once you have looked them over..i am working on post for rear coikl over mounts..but have to make beer run first
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