RFID attendance marking, what infrastructure??

by brandy
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Sep25-11, 09:03 PM
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im trying to plan for an RFID system.
1)what resources and material and general infrastructure do i need?
2) i think i want it to connect it up to my Uni's intranet maybe wireless, so i'd only need to wire the power source? this good?
3) intranet sends the data to some kind of a server to interpret it and then obviously i need some kind of storage. any type/method of storage you'd recommend?
4) What kind of server power would i need to process an RFID automated attendance marking system for one entire building?
5) Do you know if the RF signal is sent constantly until its outside the field of the RF reader or is it sent only once?
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Greg Bernhardt
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Oct7-11, 03:02 PM
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Here is a nice website to answer a few of the questions, some of the links are good. Look through the entire site for more info:

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