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    Specifications for elephant-resistant steel poles

    Why dont you disguise the camera inside another animal's costume? How often do animals kick other animals?
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    Source for tiny U-joints

    Possible 3D printing job?
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    Hepa filter specifications/ blower match

    Hey, What are you trying to grow over there ;)
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    Sourcing a Diverter Valve for Regenerative Blower

    I am at a loss for trying to find this part, it seems like only 1 or 2 manufacturers produce this, But I'm sure it is more common than that. This is an attachment that goes on to the inlet/outlet of regenerative blowers, and with a solenoid, allows the output port to switch between vacuum...
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    Single spool directional control valves

    Give an update on what you find out. I'd like to know who they recommend.
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    Does a capsized boat of iron float?

    Well, then they'd fill it up with co2 Eat some beans and asparagus, and that boat might flip back upright.
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    Advice for the design of an automatic door opener

    True, though I dont see how this concept can't be applied vertically with a stronger motor. Its basically how all windows open, use rotary motion to swing open the windows. That example is a bit more complicated with a rail and bushing,
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    Does a capsized boat of iron float?

    How about the trapped air once it flips? that should help it float
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    Advice for the design of an automatic door opener

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    Effect of off-center mass on guide rails for acceleration

    Hi, There is a mass that sits on a bridge between 2 parallel actuator (2 axis gantry), and slides on linear guides. If the mass is not centred, and close to one side of the drives, would that require that 1 of the actuators to put out more force? or would it always be even? I figure you might...
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    Scissor lift hydraulics

    I'm taking a guess here: If your oil reservoir is topped off, its possible there might be a leak in the seal of the piston, in which case, you might need to replace the faulty cylinder.
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    Automatic opening lid stay

    The way I was taught to design gas springs, was to pick an equilibrium position (Somewhere in the middle of your stroke) Where your mass has a 0 net moment and force. Work out the moment questions + force equations to figure out how much force you spring needs. Your dimensions, angles should be...
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    Cutting a Groove -- Power Requirement

    Are your units correct? I see some mm then m/min. I didnt read the background, but that could be a reason. Edit: NVM, m/min is your RPM
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    Prop Shaft load parked on a grade

    pounds is a unit for weight not mass, already includes gravity.
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    Countertop overhang

    I did a quick Solidworks simulation of your part, everything checked out in terms of failure. I used an arbitrary value of 100 lbs force on the furthest edge, it seems like it can support it, though it doesn't take into accoutn constructio of the table such as welding type. Also it does show...