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    Courses Doing well in graduate physics courses

    Yes, I'm getting a B in the class, but we have to maintain a B+ average in all our core courses. I have a B+ average now, but I just have to get at least all B+'s in my core courses next quarter. Worst case scenario, I'll end up retaking the class next year.
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    Courses Doing well in graduate physics courses

    @ Jorriss: Yes, I usually do pretty well on the homeworks, but if I lose points on an exam, I can understand why I lost points after looking at it a second time.
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    Courses Doing well in graduate physics courses

    Hey everyone, I am currently a first-year grad student, and I'm having a little bit of trouble in quantum mechanics. I'm doing alright in E&M and Stat Mech. but on the quantum mechanics exams, I'm usually scoring about 10-15 points below the median. To study, I first make sure that I'm...
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    Schools Question about grad school open house

    Hello, I will be attending an Open House this week and was wondering what things I should be looking for when I visit the department as well as what I could ask them to get the best general idea of what life as a grad student there will be like. I know this is a very broad question, but I was...
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    Undergrad Textbook for Thermal Physics

    Does anyone know of a good undergrad textbook for Thermal Physics. We are using Thermal Physics by Kittel & Kroemer in my class, but for me it doesn't have enough problems to practice. Does anyone know of any other textbook that covers the same material with more practice problems? Any help...
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    Studying Effective break-taking in between studying

    I usually study for 50 minutes and take a 10 minute break. Then, after 3 of these 50 minute study periods, I take a break for 1 hour.
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    Schools Does the time of submitting grad school applications matter?

    I'm debating on whether to take the October or November Physics GRE. If I take the November test, I have more time to study, but I was wondering if it would affect my chances of getting admitted to a physics grad program if all the schools got my scores a month later than they otherwise would if...
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    Schools Undergrad preparation for physics grad school

    No, the Honors Program isn't selective, and I don't think graduate admissions committees will misunderstand, since I have done very well in my freshmen and sophomore level classes. I've talked professors and my advisor at my department, and they said that graduating in honors won't be a deciding...
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    Schools Undergrad preparation for physics grad school

    At my school there are 2 basic undergrad plans of study in the physics department - regular physics and honors physics. The main difference is that the honors program is more difficult and each of the E&M, Classical Mechanics, and Quantum Mechanics are covered in 2 semesters. When I first...
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    Acceptance to physics REUs

    I applied to a few REU programs, and a couple of them stated on the website, "first offers will be made in early March". If I have not heard from them yet, is it likely that I'm not getting accepted? My applications were all sent in just a few days before the deadlines. Does that have a...
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    Schools Getting into Grad School with one C in a Physics class

    I am currently taking a graduate level physics course (also required for undergrads) called "Electronic Techniques for Research", and I'm having kind of a hard time in it. I'm thinking that in the worst case scenario, I'll end up with a C in the course. However, currently, my overall GPA is...
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    Ionic spectra for helium

    [b]1. The emission line of He II at 468.6 nm corresponds to what electronic transition? [b]2. I know that the formula 1 / λ = R(1 / nb2 - 1/ na2) may be useful but I'm not sure how the Rydberg's constant would change since it's helium. Also, I'm not sure what to assume as the initial energy...
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    Homework in Grad Level Classes

    I just want to get an idea of how taking courses as a physics grad student differs from that of undergrad. As an undergrad, I usually find a friend to work on physics homework, mainly because it saves a lot of time and can sometimes help clarify a difficult problem when two people are working on...
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    To transfer or not to transfer?

    I can tell you from first-hand experience that you run the risk of your credits not transferring. The way it worked at my school was the Office of Admissions first evaluates the classes you've taken based on the course descriptions, syllabus, etc. If they think it's transferrable, they will give...
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    Schools Grad school, taking the GRE

    I had a couple of questions about getting ready for grad school, mainly about taking the GRE(physics & general). I'm starting my 4th year this fall and will be applying to grad school next fall, since it's taking me 4 and a half years to graduate. As far as the GRE, I was planning on taking it...