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Getting into Grad School with one C in a Physics class

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    I am currently taking a graduate level physics course (also required for undergrads) called "Electronic Techniques for Research", and I'm having kind of a hard time in it. I'm thinking that in the worst case scenario, I'll end up with a C in the course. However, currently, my overall GPA is close to 3.7 and my physics GPA is 3.8. I also have research experience and have co-authored a publication from one REU. I plan on applying to grad school in the coming fall. Considering all this, is getting a C in a class that is mainly about electronic instrumentation going to make or break my prospects of admission? Any input on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    I don't think it will matter that much. I had one terrible semester as a physics student, and still managed to get into graduate school because it was an isolated event.
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    Committees are much more concerned with patterns than single grades.
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