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    Peritoneum, abdominal walls (anterior/posterior )

    Keep in mind that all abdominal organs are covered with visceral peritoneum which is continuous with parietal peritoneum and is just given a different name because anatomists like to give new names to the same structure in different places. So if you were to use your suitcase analogy and...
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    Chemical Safety - Storing Ammonium Nitrate

    Your first stop should be to look at the MSDS for storage of any chemicals.
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    Actin Treadmilling

    Going from memory here. Actin monomers and polymers are polar structures, meaning their structure shows unique characteristics at each 'end.' This polarity gives rise to the difference in polymerization and depolymerization kinetics at either end. Also, don't forget that actin monomers have a...
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    News RIP Drakkith's PC

    That's because your PC wasn't all the way dead, it was only mostly dead.
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    Today I learned

    This was yesterday, but it will have to do. Yesterday I learned that Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy was born from the Michelson interferometer used in the famous Michelson-Morley experiment.
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    Gnuplot: reflexion of a graph in a quadrant to the other

    Just a guess as I haven't used gnuplot in a while, and haven't ever really used the splot stuff. Can you do something like, splot "data.dat" using 1:2:4 notitle, "data.dat" using ($1*-1):2:4, "data.dat" using 1:($2*-1):4, "data.dat" using ($1*-1):($2*-1):4
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    Dangerous bacteria

    The idea in Ygggdrasil's post, although not explicit in the matter, covers the respiratory tract as well. As we are constantly breathing, all tissues and organs involved with respiration are interacting with the outside world constantly. It only makes sense that some bugs would find themselves a...
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    Multi-centre trial = better than single-centre?

    I think Choppy is spot on here. I would be a bit surprised if you needed to cite research about designing a multi center study. It is more or less the statistics which favor such designs in order to recruit an appropriate amount of participants to increase statistical power...
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    Laws of Thermodynamics

    In an idealized case where the walls of the container are rigid (so no work can be done) and perfect insulators, then the first law of thermodynamics tells us that the temperature would not change. Unfortunately, perfectly adiabatic systems do not exist as far as I know and are useful as...
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    Biochemistry of Relaxing effect of Chamomile?

    I suggest you check out PubMed and/or PubMed Central and look for some reviews or relevant papers. The latter link will provide papers and reviews which are available to the public free of charge while the former will show papers which may or may not be behind pay walls. If you have access to...
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    Voltaic (Daniell )cell

    Not trying to insult you, but your posts will be much easier to read if you refrain from posting one long sentence. I have two questions for you assuming I understood your post. 1. In your hypothetical metallic zinc bar + ZnCl2 setup, where would the electrons go? 2. If you are correct in...
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    D and L Convention

    It is a rotation around the axis defined by the C4-C5 bond by 60°. Bonds are allowed to rotate, and do so very quickly without changing stereochemistry. Imagine the three substituents on C5 as the legs of a tripod, with the camera or whatnot as the rest of the molecule, and you may be able to...
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    Alternate CPR technique

    I believe the OP meant the muscle pump. Although the wikipedia article seems to refer to some effects on arterial blood flow, it is more commonly thought that the muscle pump only aids in venous return via the little "check valves" that are found in our veins. Thus, it is unlikely that you can...
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    Carbocations vs carbanions

    You are mixing up quite a few things here and it is very difficult to give you an answer. Let's clear up some terminology and ideas here. Carbonyl carbons do not form carbanions. In fact, carbonyl carbons have quite a bit of carbocation character, thus they are attacked by nucleophiles (think...
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    Aldol Condensation

    That looks better. As far as your question goes, refer to the second part of my first post. Good and bad may be used as though they describe a binary phenomenon, but in reality things are not simply yes/no or good/bad. They all fall on a spectrum, so perhaps better terms would be better/worse...