What is Applied maths: Definition and 25 Discussions

Applied Maths NV, a bioMérieux company headquartered in Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium, is a bioinformatics company developing software for the biosciences.

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  1. P

    B Looking for help Understanding Inertia

    Just a thread to see how inertia works, just studied the laws of motion, and have been fascinated with it.. could use some help on it tho :)
  2. Captain Kneecaps

    Programs Pure maths or applied maths as a second major to physics

    I am currently in my second year of studying a bachelor in physics and applied maths. My aim is to one day do research in physics. I am particularly interested in subjects such as gauge theories, AdS/CFT and gravity. My question is whether it would be more beneficial to switch from studying...
  3. A

    Can I pursue a master's in applied mathematics with a Bsc in civil engineering?

    Can I have a master's degree in applied mathematics after a Bsc in civil Engineering
  4. M

    Theoretical Physics and Applied Maths

    I have applied for a degree in TPAM, theoretical physics and applied maths at Birmingham. I just want confirmation: This degree is filled with a lot of maths similar to that found in the Further Pure syllabus of A-level, correct? I have seen third year notes from someone who took the same degree...
  5. N

    Applied maths, monotonic function

    Hello, The equation is from a chemistry calculation; the textbook claims that the function is monotonic, without specifying whether it is monotonically increasing or decreasing. Depending on the starting conditions, the function can look different; I basically want to know if the following is...
  6. M

    Imperial QFFF vs Cambridge Part III

    Hi there, this has probably been done to death on countless other threads, but I just thought it would be better to get more personal and actual direct replies by making my own post. I plan to go on and study theoretical physics and I've been accepted into both QFFF and Part III Applied Maths...
  7. B

    Solve Applied Maths Urgent Probl. 1: 20 Marks

    Problem 1 20 marks (i) ˆx = (1, 0) and ˆy = (0, 1) are the Cartesian unit vectors and the vectors v1 and v2 are defined as v1 = −4ˆx + 0ˆy , v2 = 2ˆx − 7ˆy . Determine the polar coordinate unit vectors ˆr and ˆθ for v1 and v2 and hence express v1 and v2 as a linear combination of ˆr and ˆθ. [4]...
  8. M

    What is r hat (^) like exactly and how do you calculate it?

    Homework Statement What is r hat (^) like exactly and how do you calculate it? I know that it is something to do with unit vectors and that it should be gotten in some form of cosi + sinj like I had to input geometry co ordinates x1,y1 and stuff Any help at all will be appreciated
  9. M

    What is R hat in physics?

    Hi I am struggling big time with Physics and vectors and I keep coming across r hat (^) like what is it exactly and how do you calculate it? Thanks in advance
  10. L

    MHB Challenging Applied maths question projectiles

    An aircraft flies at a constant height H and constant velocity V. When the aircraft has flown directly over a gun on the ground a shot is fired from the gun which points at the aircraft at an angle of elevation Ѳ. If the initial velocity of the bullet is KVsecѲ [k >1], and Ѳ =tan inverse[...
  11. M

    Good undergraduate books on applied maths

    hi I'm a math undergraduate and looking for books about fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, classical mechanics and quantum mechanics. introductory to intermediate level. would prefer books with lots of examples and include good amount of graphs and diagrams. thanks!
  12. M

    Good applied maths book undergraduate level

    I am a maths undergraduate and looking for a book that covers many applied maths topics, such as electromagnetism, fliud dynamics, Newtonian mechanics etc., about introductory to intermediate level. I know it'd be hard to find one that contains all of them so if u have any suggestion on only 1...
  13. A

    MHB Complex Number Problems in Applied Maths

    This is a thread for complex number problems in applied mathematics. 1. Prove that: 1 + cos x + cos 2x + ...cos (n - 1)x = {1 - cos x + cos (n - 1)x - cos nx} / 2 (1 - cos x) = 1/2 + [{sin (n - 1/2)x}/2sin (x/2)]2. If a = cos x + i sin x, b = cos y + i sin y, c = cos z +...
  14. 3

    Math Pure or Applied maths with stats

    Hi all, This post will be long, but I hope in giving more relevant information, the replies will be more helpful. Apologies for the length, and thanks for reading, given now. I'll state the question here though to avoid you having to search for it: Does it make any real difference whether...
  15. S

    Online MS in applied maths or physics

    Hi all, I am an engineer and I would like to take an online master in applied mathematics or physics - I am interested in several subjects in both field, so right now I am open to either choice. To prevent common comments I saw in other post, let me point out I hold a PhD in Aerospace...
  16. A

    Please help me with this applied maths question?

    (a) A particle of mass 4 kg moves under a force: F = 6t^2i - tj - 4k in Newtons. Assuming that the particle is initially at the origin with velocity v = i + k in m/s, find its position after 1s. (b) A ball of mass m travels with velocity 3 m/s and collides with a second ball with mass 2m at...
  17. P

    Hi i'm an applied maths student i'd like to study about catenary

    hi I'm an applied maths student i'd like to study about catenary.. where can i get details of catenary and its applications in detail?which book i can refer or is there any website i can go for?
  18. J

    Undergraduate in Applied Maths, Graduate in Eng.?

    Simple question: Say I get an undergraduate degree in applied mathematics, and I take a lot of engineering electives during this time. How likely is it that I would be able to go to graduate school for engineering? Also, are there areas of study (in mathematics) that are very intimately tied...
  19. M

    Do physicist uses pure maths or applied maths?

    Do Theoretical physicist uses pure maths or applied maths? Thanks
  20. J

    Best wishes,HarleyNeed help with applied maths problems?

    Hi, Can anybody help with solving the attached problems please? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. P

    Pure maths > Applied Maths

    I always get the impression that pure maths is more superior meaning harder, grander than applied maths and that the smart people on average go into pure maths. Is this a misconception? Also rarely is it that applied mathematicians switch into pure maths but the vice versa is plentiful. I do...
  22. qspeechc

    Courses Course Selection for 2nd Year (Applied Maths, Physics, etc.)

    This is a very long story; please bare with me! I am a first year undergrad student nearing the end of the year. I am from South Africa (at the University of Cape Town). The way it is here, is that for your undergrad degree, it is standard to take two or one majors. In first year you take 4...
  23. murshid_islam

    Pure maths vs. applied maths

    hi, a poll has been going on about our favourite fields in mathematics. i decided to run a poll on broader topics, namely, pure mathematics and applied mathematics. which one do you guys prefer?
  24. A

    Applied Maths Mechanics (AS M1)

    Hi everybody. I have started with the M1 Mechanics Course this term and my teacher gave me some exam questions to do over the half term break but now I am stuck on one of the questions and I hope someone here will be able to help me. So here is the question: (read l as lamda and m as mue)...
  25. M

    Applied Maths: Statics | Urgent Help Needed!

    Hopefully someone here knows what I'm talking about, but here it goes. I'm doing my leaving cert applied maths paper in 2 days time, and I'm stuck on this question. I can't follow the solution available on the internet, so i need someone to go through it step by step. Its Q7 in the paper...