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DFA Records is an American independent record label founded in 2001 by Mo' Wax co-founder Tim Goldsworthy, musician James Murphy, and manager Jonathan Galkin. They previously had a production team called The DFA, consisting of Goldsworthy and Murphy.

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  1. gratusri

    Optimizing and minimization of a Deterministic Finite Automata

    so this is the question , I have to minimize this DFA this is How I did it but when I checked for answers , this is what it was, can someone please explain to me what mistake I made? I have been wondering about this for past 2 days
  2. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Is the DFA Solution for Regular Expressions Accurate?

    but the solution site says otherwise-: https://cyberzhg.github.io/toolbox/nfa2dfa I feel correct mine also, but not sure. Check it please.
  3. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci DFA that accepts either ab or ba as substring?

    Attempt at solution-: Now this dfa will also accept abba which in my inituition it should not accept. But it does accept it. What is going here? Please guide
  4. Cesca Roma

    I Discriminant function analysis - stepwise or otherwise?

    I’m using discriminant function analysis to determine the potential accuracy of several biometric measurements being used in conjunction for binary classification purposes for my BSc Biomed research project. Overall I've only got 110 data points so it's a stretch but hey, that's anatomy! What...
  5. E

    How to Convert a DFA to a GNFA?

    https://gyazo.com/c2a228fd782c5d783e3d2848e3e96478 So, I'm looking for resources that will teach me how to do the steps in the problem, mainly how to convert this to a GNFA. My book doesn't even mention the GNFA, we just went over it briefly in class. When I do try to convert it as I understand...
  6. Z

    DFA Minimization Marking Step Guide | Zulfi

    mod note: not homework I have got a DFA. I can't understand the marking procedure used for DFA minimizationHi, I am not able to understand the marking step for DFA minization. Some body please guide me. I have uploaded the image. Zulfi.
  7. C

    MHB What are the DFA configurations for L={w:${n}_{a}$(w) mod3 < 1} on $\sum$={a,b}?

    Find dfa's for the following language on $\sum$={a,b}; c) L={w:${n}_{a}$(w) mod3 < 1;
  8. S

    In this problem's solution, how is the first DFA obtained?

    Homework Statement PDF with problem statement and its solution: https://www.docdroid.net/BkVhr32/4.pdf Homework Equations State Diagrams for DFAs The Attempt at a Solution My question is what's the logic behind the first DFA's implementation? I understand that the second DFA just has the...
  9. kolleamm

    Converting a DFA to efficient code?

    I've created a DFA for a game character's dialogue. I could probably code this using "if, if else, for, while" statements, but I feel like this would be impractical since there are about 20 states with 4 different inputs each. Any ideas on how I could make this work? I would really like to...
  10. evinda

    MHB Find DFA Equiv: States, Transitions & Function

    Hello! (Wave) I want to find a DFA equivalent with the following: Do we have to follow the following procedure? If so do we have to find the transition function having the following states? $$\{A\} , \{ B \}, \{ C \}, \{ A,B \}, \{ A,C \}, \{ B,C \}, \{A,B,C\}$$
  11. evinda

    MHB Finding DFA: Hint to Construct NFA for ((0∪1)*10* ∪ 0)

    Hello! (Wave) I want to construct a dfa that recognizes the language $((0 \cup 1)^{\ast} 1 0^{\ast}) \cup 0$. I have thought of the following NFA: But I am facing difficulties on converting this to a NFA. Could you give me a hint how we could do this?
  12. evinda

    MHB Exploring Language Recognition and DFA Creation

    Hello! (Wave) The following DFA is given: I want to find the language that it recognizes. The alphabet is $\Sigma=\{0,1\}$. Isn't the language this one: $(0^{\ast} 1^{+} 0^{\ast} )^{+}$? Also I want to draw a dfa that recognizes the following languages and that have the referred number of...
  13. E

    Can you obtain a string from a DFA transition table?

    Taking a regular expression and converting it to a DFA with transition table, can you go backwards? I.e. take one of the rows of the table and determine what input string would be accepted for that row?
  14. M

    MHB Equivalence Between NFA and DFA: Q, Q` & $\Sigma$

    Heloo! :o I am looking at the equivalence between a NFA and a DFA. NFA: Q={q1,q2} DFA: Q`=P(Q} When $a\in \Sigma, Q_I, Q_j \in Q`$ which is sufficient and necessary condition so that $ Q_I \overset{a}{\rightarrow}Q_j$?
  15. T

    Help understanding Non-determinate Finite Automaton

    Homework Statement There's not a particular problem, per se, just that I seem to be missing something with my understanding of how to evaluate a string against a non-deterministic finite automaton with epsilon transitions. But one I've been working with is shown below Homework Equations NA...
  16. T

    Find a DFA that accepts words with "aa" twice

    Hi everyone, I have just started learning about DFA's and I have to solve the problem from the thread title with Σ = {a,b}. My attempts so far are in the attachments. I am struggling as to what to do with the words in state 2 that have a b*a*b* substring before getting their second "aa". Can...
  17. Lolligirl

    MHB Shortcuts or a proper method for converting a regex to a DFA?

    Okay, so here's a question I'm working on: Question: Present the transition diagram or table for a DFA that accepts the regular set denoted by the expression (0+1)* (010 + 11) (0 + 1)* Here is my DFA: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5778771/Midterm1SampleQuestion1.jpg But it took me a...
  18. Lolligirl

    MHB Question: Converting NFA to DFA: Checking for Errors and Improving Technique

    Hello again everyone! I think I have at least a decent handle on this one, but I want to check my work. Question: Convert the following NFA to an equivalent DFA (The D is going to B and the E to A on lambda). https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5778771/Assignment4GivenNFA.jpg Here is my DFA so...
  19. Lolligirl

    MHB Designing NFA & DFA for (1001 + 110 + 11)* Language

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to design an NFA and then turn it into a DFA, and I'm not sure if I've done it correctly so far. Here is the question: "Present a transition diagram for an NFA for the language associated with the regular expression (1001 + 110 + 11)*. Your NFA must have no more than...
  20. M

    MHB Is the DFA of the language L correct?

    Hello! :o I have to construct the DFA of the language $L=\{w \in \{a,b\}^*: \text{ each } "a" \text{ of the word w is appeared only after and before a } "b"\}$. I tried the following...Could you tell if it's right? But is it deterministic? From the second state where do we go with $a$ ?
  21. P

    Proof that its possible to generate NFA from DFA

    Homework Statement I am attempting to prove the following: For a determenistic finite automata D = (Q, Ʃ, ∂,q0,A) that accepts w, prove that a nondeterministic finite automata can be generated to generate the reverse string of w. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have figured...
  22. P

    Proving NFA accepts reverse string of DFA

    I have seen descriptions for an algorithm that can take a regular deterministic finite automata and create a non-deterministic finite automata that is guaranteed to generate the reverse of string accepted by the DFA. Does anyone know of a "formal" proof that shows this is true in all cases...
  23. L

    Constructing a DFA from a Regular Expression: How to Handle * and () Operators?

    Homework Statement Construct a DFA based on the regular express. Regular expr = *a(ab)*c* Homework Equations How do you construct a DFA out of this regular expr? The Attempt at a Solution Here's what I think it says... it can accept 0 or more a,c, and ordered pair of ab...
  24. D

    How can an NFA be converted into a regular expression using GNFA?

    Is there an algorithm for converting DFA (or NFA) into regular expressions?