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  1. nomadreid

    I Infinite range of E-M field vs finite age of particles

    It is said (hopefully no need to give references for such a common statement) that the electromagnetic field of a given charged particle is infinite in range (albeit converging to zero as the distance goes to infinity). However, given that charged particles apparently did not exist at the...
  2. B

    B What is source of fundamental particle charge?

    Hello, Analogous to mass of fundamental (not composite) particles coming from interaction of those particles with the Higg's Field, does charge of fundamental particles come from interaction of those particles with some known/hypothesized fundamental field? Thank you!
  3. V

    B Where is the field?

    A charged particle is passed through a beam splitter and progresses down two divergent paths. How does the charge field document this? Does the field recognize both components? Only one? And once the field is detected, defining which path was taken, does the field alter it's nature through...
  4. B

    Physics of a chemical reaction: looking for textbook recs

    I'm currently doing a literature review on ultracold chemistry with an emphasis on collisional theory and quantum phenomena. I'm an undergraduate physics major, and I'd start my discussion of this topic by moving from basic Newtonian conservation laws and concepts like Coulomb repulsion to the...
  5. T

    Field concept

    Homework Statement Hello. Im having trouble understanding this particular statement found in one of my textbooks. " Work done to move a charge along a line perpendicular to the field is zero" The Attempt at a Solution Field is a space around a charge where if we place any other charge, will...