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B What is source of fundamental particle charge?

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    Analogous to mass of fundamental (not composite) particles coming from interaction of those particles with the Higg's Field,
    does charge of fundamental particles come from interaction of those particles with some known/hypothesized fundamental field?
    Thank you!
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    I don't think so. I think it's an inherent property of the particle and isn't modeled as being caused by any sort of interaction.
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    The charge of a particle by definition is its fundamental interaction strength with the photon field. This is a property of the particle itself and not the result of any other field (as far as we know).

    The difference with the mass is that in the case of the mass, the Standard Model (SM) does not allow a mass term per se. It is only once the Higgs field takes a non-zero vacuum expectation value (vev) that breaks the SM gauge symmetry that particles obtain an effective mass from the Higgs vev and their interactions with it.
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