What is Fine tuning: Definition and 20 Discussions

In theoretical physics, fine-tuning is the process in which parameters of a model must be adjusted very precisely in order to fit with certain observations. This had led to the discovery that the fundamental constants and quantities fall into such an extraordinarily precise range that if it did not, the origin and evolution of conscious agents in the universe would not be permitted.Theories requiring fine-tuning are regarded as problematic in the absence of a known mechanism to explain why the parameters happen to have precisely the observed values that they return. The heuristic rule that parameters in a fundamental physical theory should not be too fine-tuned is called naturalness.

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  1. S

    I All possible models to explain the hierarchy problem?

    There is an interesting paper by Arkani-Hamed and collaborators (https://arxiv.org/abs/1607.06821) to address the hierarchy problem. There, they consider many possible models of fundamental particle physics where they all have an exact copy of the Standard Model but with different Higgs...
  2. J

    I Fine tuning and the multiverse

    Hi New to this forum. I am not a physics student but someone with an interest in aspects of physics, particularly cosmology. This is a question regarding fine tuning and the multiverse as a possible answer. The following is a link to a Youtube video in the Closer to Truth series, and the...
  3. T

    How Does the Cosmological Constant Change with the Expansion of the Universe?

    Homework Statement Suppose (incorrectly) that H scales as temperature squared all the way back until the time when the temperature of the universe was 1019 GeV/kB (i.e., suppose the universe was radiation dominated all the way back to the Planck time). Also suppose that today the dark energy...
  4. F

    I Is fine tuning maximized complexity?

    It is often argued that the constants of nature are so finely tuned for life, that the slightest change to them would disallow life. Is this the same as saying that they are what is required to maximize complexity in the world?
  5. Beans56

    I Life permitting ranges for fine tuning constants

    Does anyone know What the life permitting ranges for the constants usually mentioned in the Fine Tuning argument are? i.e. h, G, e, rate of expansion, amount of dark matter ect... My thinking is that if they are just kind of randomly placed inside their respective ranges then that would indicate...
  6. N

    B Fine Tuning Constants: Understanding Variables and Ratios | Physics NIST

    This isn't a question about whether the universe is fine tuned or not. Which is more of a philosophical issue than a physics one. This is whether anyone on here knows of the variables involved from the following http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Constants/Table/allascii.txt in the "fine tuning"...
  7. K

    I LHC run 2, does Supersymmetry worsen hierarchy fine tuning

    post-LHC run 2, does Supersymmetry worsen hierarchy fine tuning? according to what most theorists argument, the SM has a hierarchy fine tuning in the Higgs sector based on naturalness. The proposed solution to this problem is supersymmetry. post-LHC run 2, no SUSY partners and no hints of SUSY...
  8. P

    Fine tuning, muitverse and a double standard

    I just watched a talk from George Ellis about cosmology. I believe there is a serious double standard implied in it. He says (A) the universe is fine tuned for life. Change one of the constants of nature like the mass of the electron and you won't have life in the universe. He also says...
  9. A

    Does multiverse really explain fine-tuning?

    Hello everyone, I am not sure about this issue and this is the reason why I am asking this question. I can write many sentences on this topic, but I will try to make my point as short is possible. I will suppose you are familiar with multiverse idea and anthropic principle.. My question is...
  10. M

    Properties of an evolved universe

    Hello All :) I've heard it proposed that a reason for the fine tuned nature of our universe in a way to allow the existence of complexity and life could be that the universe itself is the product of evolution in a multi-verse. I don't want to debate around the anthropological principle as I am...
  11. X

    Modern Cosmology: Fine Tuning Problem | Adarsh

    Hi Guys, I have just started Modern Cosmology and please don't mind if the question is too naive. I wanted to know why does the amount of dust in the Inter-Stellar Medium scale roughly nearly with its metallicity? Please advise. Sorry about the incorrect heading. I can't seem to find where to...
  12. J

    Cosmological Constant & Fine Tuning for Life

    Hi, I have some confusion about the cosmological constant (CC). From what I have read it is to do with the energy density throughout the entire universe which is thought to drive the expansion of the universe. If the CC were any smaller then matter would not have been able to form and since the...
  13. R

    Does geometry have any bearing on the fine tuning argument.

    Now I think there are arguments for the Fine Tuning of the universe. I like Martin Rees' book but I know there are others who disagree with what he said in his book (Just Six Numbers) On another forum I've got involved in a discussion on this topic and I've seen an argument that I think has no...
  14. L

    Understanding the Fine Tuning Problem in Scalar Field Theories

    What do people mean when they say that mass renormalization of scalar field theories confronts us with a fine tuning problem. It's said the divergence in the mass of a scalar field is quadartic, rather than logarithmic, this poses a fine tuning problem. Why and how, and what does that mean...
  15. E

    Stringy landscape v.s higgs fine tuning

    Susy has been offered as a way to stabilize the Higgs sector from radiative corrections, on the argument that w/o SUSY the higgs expansion would have to be fine-tuned to 32 decimal places. But string theory landscape posits 10^500 different compactification schemes w/anthropic principle...
  16. D

    Fine tuning - island of stability of our world

    I know some fine-tuning conditions which must be true in order for our universe, as we know it, to exist, for stars to shine and for the life to develop. For example, * CP violation (otherwise no matter because everything would annihilate) * Diproton (p+p) must be unstable (otherwise stars...
  17. M

    Fine tuning a cylindrical Capacitor

    I would like to know about fine tuning of an airplane Fuel Gauging probe. It is basically a cylindrical capacitor made of an inner composite tube of about 0.5 inch diameter and an outer composite tube of about 1 inch diameter. The length of the tubes varies from about 3 inches to 8 inches. The...
  18. wolram

    Testing the Limits of Fine Tuning

    Remember it is a very fine tunning job, and can all the inner and outter perturbances be damped out? i put my money on a null result.
  19. N

    The fine tuning problem (all 120 OOM of it)

    The "fine tuning" problem (all 120 OOM of it!) In another thread in General Astronomy and Cosmology, turbo-1 wrote: EnumaElish wrote: . Well, this is the thread where the nature of this humongous inbalance can be ascertained! :smile:
  20. R

    Design vs. Dumb Luck: Exploring the Fine-Tuning of the Universe

    Many scientists are asking as to why the universe appears to be "finely tuned". On the other hand some argue that the universe is the way it is because it is like winning a lottery. The odds of winning a lottery are very high but if one did win a lottery of odds such 1 in 12 million, one may...