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Stringy landscape v.s higgs fine tuning

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    Susy has been offered as a way to stabilize the Higgs sector from radiative corrections, on the argument that w/o SUSY the higgs expansion would have to be fine-tuned to 32 decimal places.

    But string theory landscape posits 10^500 different compactification schemes w/anthropic principle offered to select one. Is this an improvement? why not suggest a multiverse of higgs potentials with ours being one of many (and hence fined tuned)/
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    The string landscape is only an improvement if you can show both that significantly less fine-tuned vacua are totally inhospitable to intelligent life of any kind and that all (or at least a very large sampling) of the sting vacua actually exist.

    In a sense, the string landscape is exactly what you're suggesting for the Higgs potential, only extended to a larger parameter set. The only difference is that the string landscape is justified by what might be a more fundamental theory than what we already know about the universe, while an ad hoc multiverse is not.
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