What is Flexibility: Definition and 18 Discussions

Stiffness is the extent to which an object resists deformation in response to an applied force.The complementary concept is flexibility or pliability: the more flexible an object is, the less stiff it is.

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  1. D

    What is the cost of muscle flexibility?

    Hi everyone How is it advantageous for muscles to lose flexibility when certain movements are not practised? For example, if you lose muscle mass after stopping weight training, you will need less calories to feed the remaining muscle. What benefit (if any) does the body get from losing...
  2. G

    Long term flexibility and durability of curved versus straight line

    Visualize a lid to a toddler snack cup. Making an entry into an object which is to be placed in nature which can be used by humans but not easily by animals, would the curves used in some toddler snack cups be more durable and flexible without being floppy, or would straight line radii from the...
  3. D

    I Exploring the Flexibility of Coordinates in Euler-Lagrange Equations

    Hello all, so I’ve been reading Jennifer Coopersmith’s The Lazy Universe: An Introduction to the Principle of Least Action, and on page 72 it says: If I understand it right, she’s saying that in our Euler-Lagrange equation ## \frac {\partial L} {\partial q} - \frac {d} {dt} \frac {\partial L}...
  4. F

    I Is it physics or flexibility?

    Who can explain this video? It must be because the people in the video have smaller backsides/hips so their center of mass would be above their ankles and then their arms are providing the extra torque... Or just stretched out ankles? The moderator is taller than everyone else in the video I...
  5. Simon Chen

    A Flexibility and chemical bonding

    Recently, I have been studying flexible thin film transistor (TFT), so I wonder the relationship between flexibility and chemical bonding. Chemical bondings composed of sp3 orbital, s orbital, which one is more flexible? Which one of amorphous Si film, poly Si film, IGZO film is more flexible...
  6. F

    I Thin Rods Bend Better: Exploring Strength & Flexibility

    Suggest why a thin rod can bend more than thick rod without breaking
  7. C

    MHB Calculate Flexibility of Budget Distribution: 10 & 90 vs. 50 & 50

    I think this is an obvious answer, but maybe I'm dense! So not sure if this belongs in this sub-group, but let me explain my question below Say I have a budget of $\$ 50$ for gas and $\$50$ for entertainment. I cannot cross between those two pots. So even though i have $\$ 100$ i′ve got 50%...
  8. O

    Looking for a spacific material

    Hi, I'm looking for a shape memory material with this features: - return to his original shape by electric hit or by folding manual - flexibility - strong enough to swipe another flex material. Thank you.
  9. Connordzg

    What is the influence of a lever arm's flexibility on torque?

    If you flex a pipe, the energy is stored in it (assuming it returns to its original state). If that pipe were being used as a lever, wouldn't the torque it can generate be influenced by the flexibility of the lever? Why doesn't the equation T=Fd take this into account? Would all of the applied...
  10. .Scott

    Flexibility in Grover's Algorithm?

    Grover's Algorithm is a QM process for finding a high-scoring element in a large data base. (http://arxiv.org/abs/quantph/0010040) My specific curiosity if of a biological system that would generate a superpositioning of data that represented potential intentions, to estimate the...
  11. jbrussell93

    The flexibility of a physics background

    I'm a sophomore physics major, but I'm having trouble figuring out what where I want to focus. I started out in biological engineering but realized that it was WAY to specialized, and I'm enjoying the freedom of the physics program much more... though this may eventually backfire. I am mainly...
  12. K

    Career Flexibility a thing of the Past

    I am just throwing this out there to fish for opinions Engineering is often advertised as a broad profession offering many opportunities. With tight labor markets where there is an over supply of job seekers is this no longer a true statement. I ask because workers must be responsive to the...
  13. A

    Flexibility on spacecraft elements design

    I have no prior knowledge on engineering, but has just started my Msc dissertation about using nonlinear programming technique to model a problem that is related to spacecraft elements design. I am uncertain that whether I have fully understood the problem. The problem is to decide the...
  14. D

    Worried about Eng Masters using Density Functional Theory and Career Flexibility

    I just finished my undergrad in Chem Eng and am very interested in energy field ( I was thinking of doing something with battery and storage systems as it is closest to my field). I was recently offered a masters in MSE for possibly working on battery materials using Density Functional Theory...
  15. Y

    Flexibility - multiple methods for solutions?

    Flexibility -- multiple methods for solutions? I found that for some mathematical equations, for example quadratic equations or other equations where f(x)=0, the solutions for f(x)=0 could be 2 i we solve certain way and only 1 out of 2 if we use another method, somethings like changing the...
  16. C

    Civil Engineering - Matrix Flexibility Method

    I have strayed from the template because I am querying a methodology, not an explicit case. This is Civil Engineering - Matrix Flexibility Method. Given "m" members and "n" nodes I can use this matrix to solve the basic member forces: (sorry about the size I don't know how to scale) As far...
  17. S

    Flexibility Matrix: What & How to Use

    What is a flexibility matrix and how do I use one? Thanks
  18. W

    Kevlar Flexibility: Exploring DuPont's Claim

    Hey, I know this is my 3rd topic on kevlar but they arent the same question so :P Anyway, DuPont (the company who own the Kevlar brand) claim that it is flexible, yet it is a cristaline ploymer which makes it stiff, so how can it be flexible as well? Thanks.