What is Gcc: Definition and 14 Discussions

The GCC Patent Office (GCCPO) is a regional patent office based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, within the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It was established in 1992 and began operations in 1998. The GCC Patent Office grants patents valid in all GCC member states. The first GCC patent was granted in 2002. As of 2013, it employed about 30 patent examiners.

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  1. WMDhamnekar

    C program could not be compiled and executed at Windows command prompt

    /* Write a c program to convert given number of days to a measure of time * given in years, weeks and days. For example 375 days is equal to 1 year * 1 week and 3 days (ignore leap year) */ #include stdio.h #define DAYSINWEEK 7 void main() { int ndays, year, week, days...
  2. m4r35n357

    GCC warning: function may return address of local variable

    Yes I've already looked on SO! None of the answers contain the word "may". My story is that I am passing in references to global variables, modifying them, and returning them in array literals. I suppose it must complaining about the array literals (c99) rather than the variables themselves...
  3. A

    Help in telling compiler to include header files for C

    For a program to use I have to compile some .c files which include #include''header.h'' statements and I have tried different commands to compile but it gives me errors like 'No such file or directory'. Here is start of my file named #include "einterp.h" while start of file looks like this...
  4. G

    Fortran Solving Function Problem in Code Exchange

    Hello I am trying to exchange following code into two functions which I will need to use in further programs. The code is as follows: do i=0,k do j=0,k if (i/=j) then lj(i)=lj(i)*((xx-x(i))/(x(j)-x(i))) end if enddo l(i)=l(i)+y(i)*lj(i) write(2,*) x(i),y(i),l(i) enddo I would...
  5. G

    Fortran [Fortran] How to loss different random number

    Hello I am wondering how can I make sure that every number which I am losing will be different? I am using the following code: program lottery implicit none real(kind=4) :: x real(kind=8) :: y integer :: i, seed= 64256 call srand(seed) do i=1,6 x=rand() ! to make the lossing interval...
  6. G

    Fortran [Fortran] Filon's method Fourier Transform

    I was told to do a Fourier transform of function by using a Filon's method. I have found the code but I don't know how to include any function to the subroutine. I would be grateful for any example of how to use this code. SUBROUTINE FILONC ( DT, DOM, NMAX, C, CHAT ) C...
  7. G

    Fortran Bisection formula fortran90/95

    Hello, I was told to find the root of an integrand with using the bisection method. I am kind of new to such a stuff so I am kind of confused why I am not getting the expected result. Here is my bisection code: tl=3.0 tup=4.0 tempred=0.0 s=-0.234726128709272990292 do while (abs(total_calka)...
  8. T

    Using GCC to generate makefile dependencies.

    How do I use GCC to generate dependencies for makefiles? I tried using the -M option, like below, but I don't know how to insert the name of the .cpp into the shell command that calls GCC with the -M option. %.cpp : $(shell gcc -M $<) Instead of the desired effect, $< is replaced by nothing...
  9. R

    GCC XL20/600 Printer: Upgrading Resolution to 800/1200

    Hello guys, I am trying to find a technical diagram for a GCC XL20 printer. I am trying to get the 600 resolution to go up to 800 or 1200. They all use the same engines but I can't find the firmware or the utility to backup and flash the rom. they are flashabe. The roms are intel E28F800B5B70...
  10. W

    Trying to compile a function with pointer to structure as return value with gcc

    I get an error with gcc "error: two or more data types in declaration specifiers" when trying to compile something of the form: struct tag *function (...) { ...} Apparently it won't let me create functions with return values pointers to structures. I know that it's perfectly valid code, so...
  11. W

    Very simple question about gcc (C compilation)

    I have a code which uses scanf. How do I make the compiled code read from a (text) file instead from user's input?
  12. C

    GCC & C++: Allocating Large Arrays in Windows

    I'm having trouble allocating large arrays in C++ using gcc (using cygwin/MSYS in Windows). If I declare an array at the beginning of main as: unsigned int arr[1000][1000] there's no problem, but even something as small (8 MB) as unsigned int arr[1000][2000] will fail. This is...
  13. N

    C: ctype_base.h errors with gcc 4

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has ever run into ctype_base.h errors like: '<anonymous enum>' is/uses anonymous type.' error: trying to instantiate 'template<class T> void operator|(PUP::er&, T&)' some sites that i have visited say its an error with gcc4 GUI-mandriva sfwr-charm++ for...
  14. Ivan Seeking

    News The pros and cons of global warming; i.e. GCC

    It's going to be interesting to see how this all affects trade, politics, agriculture, navigation... and even travel. Talk about irony! http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,13509-2034643,00.html