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Fortran [Fortran] How to loss different random number

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    Hello I am wondering how can I make sure that every number which I am losing will be different? I am using the following code:

    Code (Text):
    program lottery
    implicit none
    real(kind=4) :: x
    real(kind=8) :: y
    integer :: i, seed= 64256

    call srand(seed)

    do i=1,6
      ! to make the lossing interval [1,49]
      write(*,*) y
    end program lottery
    I have set this seed for a purpose, because it gives two same values of the y. I would like to know how to carry out with this problem.
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    If you need all of the 6 random integers to be different, try this:
    make an array, already_generated, of 49 zeros,
    for a new random integer, set the corresponding index of already_generated to 1,
    loop on random integers till a new one is generated (check the corresponding index of already_generated)
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    Thank You so much it works :)
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