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Using GCC to generate makefile dependencies.

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    How do I use GCC to generate dependencies for makefiles? I tried using the -M option, like below, but I don't know how to insert the name of the .cpp into the shell command that calls GCC with the -M option.

    Code (Text):
    %.cpp : $(shell gcc -M $<)
    Instead of the desired effect, $< is replaced by nothing, causing GCC to generate an error and my attempt to generate dependencies to fail.
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    I had the same problem that you do now. For that I did some googling around and found a set of tools called Autotools. Here is a pretty good explanation of what you might want to do:


    This requires some effort to setup correctly (depends on the complexity of your compilation environment), so if you have only a small number of libraries, hard-coding would be a better option.

    What operating system are you using? What libraries are you trying to use?
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