What is Halbach array: Definition and 11 Discussions

A Halbach array is a special arrangement of permanent magnets that augments the magnetic field on one side of the array while cancelling the field to near zero on the other side. This is achieved by having a spatially rotating pattern of magnetisation.
The rotating pattern of permanent magnets (on the front face; on the left, up, right, down) can be continued indefinitely and have the same effect. The effect of this arrangement is roughly similar to many horseshoe magnets placed adjacent to each other, with similar poles touching.
The principle was first invented by James (Jim) M. Winey of Magnepan in 1970, for the ideal case of continuously rotating magnetization, induced by a one-sided stripe-shaped coil.The effect was also discovered by John C. Mallinson in 1973, and these "one-sided flux" structures were initially described by him as a "curiosity", although at the time he recognized from this discovery the potential for significant improvements in magnetic tape technology.Physicist Klaus Halbach, while at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory during the 1980s, independently invented the Halbach array to focus particle accelerator beams.

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  1. Manuel12

    Magnets with Halbach array in an AC generator

    As a project, I am demonstrating electromagnetic induction by making an AC generator. The magnets I currently have access to are very strong neodymimium countersunk magnets, but I noticed that they utilise a Halbach array. I am aware that this means the magnet has alternating N-S poles spaced...
  2. S

    Halbach-Array Simulation FEMM

    Hello everone, I have recently come across the need of a strong constant magnetic field while being limited in space. The field needs to be unidirectional and up until now was generated by two magnets (12x12x12mm N48). Then I came across Halbach arrays and their potentially stronger magnetic...
  3. rayjbryant

    Cylindrical Halbach array with a vertical magnetic field?

    Similar to what is shown here, except the south side would be the weak side of the array. A link to purchase one of these or at least the magnetic field arrangement would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  4. coolboyshane88

    Halbach array arrangement for a transformer

    Can we use Halbach array for the electromagnetic field since the magnet field change with direction? What would be the disadvantage? Imagine if we use Halbach array special arrangements for the transformer instead of an iron core. Maybe it could give us the same result? Kindly Maybe we can...
  5. M

    Understanding Inductrack and Halbach Array in Hyperloop Technology

    Hi, I am currently completing a Gold CREST Award on the Hyperloop Train, and when researching came across a technolofgy called Inductrack. I kind of understand the general concept behind it, however, there's this one paragraph I'm not too sure on and was wondering if someone could explain it...
  6. Arshavsky

    Net force on a Halbach Array in a uniform magnetic field

    I have been unable to determine whether a Halbach Array of permanent magnets would experience a net force in a uniform magnetic field.
  7. K

    Magnetic field direction on Halbach array?

    Hi, hopefully someone here can help me! I'm interested in Halbach Arrays and specifically I want to make a circular array in which the field is amplified away from the array (as in above or below it), not to its inner diameter (or exterior circumference). Is this possible? On the web I've seen...
  8. V

    Halbach Array for lateral control?

    Hi, I'm currently working on a project, and I need some info on halbach arrays. I have not taken University EM Physics yet (but have taken mechanics), so some of this is a bit over my head, but I have a few questions. Say I have a frictionless train, that is using a air bearings for lift, BUT...
  9. U

    Spatial Wavelength of a Halbach array (Magnetism)

    Hello everybody Basically as the topic states: How can you calculate "The spatial wavelength of a Halbach array" (symbol lambda)? Context: The reason I ask is that since I've got bored during my easter holidays I decided to try a wee science project and try and make a model of an...
  10. L

    Magnetism and Reentry: Could a Halbach Array Reduce Heat?

    I was just wondering; What would happen if a Halbach array of magnets were placed just beneath the heat shield on a reentry vehicle? The plasma produced by reentry is, essentially, charged particles moving at high speed. Would a Halbach array magnetically levitate the reentry vehicle away...
  11. F

    Changing kinetic E of charged particle in magnetic field - Halbach array

    changing kinetic E of charged particle in magnetic field -- Halbach array hi, I read somewhere that you can't change a charged particle's (we'll say electron) kinetic energy with a strong magnetic field, that you only change the electron's direction. I'm assuming a frictionless environment...