What is Hdd: Definition and 23 Discussions

Hokejsko drsalno društvo Olimpija Ljubljana, commonly referred to as HDD Olimpija or simply Olimpija, was a Slovenian professional ice hockey from Ljubljana. They played their home games at the Tivoli Hall. Olimpija has won 13 Yugoslav championships and 15 Slovenian championships. They won ten consecutive titles between 1995 and 2004.

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  1. U

    Download software at HDD or SSD

    Goal is to operate software as fast as possible. If my download folder is at HDD , after install software is at c/program files (SSD), will this affect software speed or ask in other words, does software use files from download folder during operation? If software use these files during...
  2. DaveC426913

    Computer repair guy wants "48-bit encryption code" for HDD

    This is my brother, who bought this 5 years ago (at least). He has never known anything about an encryption code. Looking online, he keeps coming up with "BitLocker" but that's just a guess. I see the same thing. Bitlocker encrypts the hard drive with a 48-bit code. Thing is, I don't know if...
  3. Wrichik Basu

    Help Ubuntu 20.04: File got corrupted when moving to external HDD

    I wanted to move one file from my laptop to an external HDD. Using the file manager, I started the move operation; and after it completed successfully, I unmounted the HDD. When I plugged the HDD to our Windows 7 desktop, I found that the file was corrupt! The 8 GB .mp4 file had reduced to 372...
  4. rkatcosmos

    What is the rotational velocity of hard disk actuator arm?

    0 down vote favorite There is a lot of material discussing the rotational speed of the magnetic disk in HDD but not about the rotational speed of actuator arm. What are the typical actuation speeds of the actuator in HDD? This information will be used in the design of a fast shutter system...
  5. joema

    Unrecoverable read errors and RAID5

    A number of popular-level articles have been published saying that RAID5 is increasingly impractical at larger data volumes due to the chance of an individual HDD having an unrecoverable read error (URE) during the rebuild phase. I think the underlying math which produced this conclusion may be...
  6. icecubebeast

    Which Memory Storage Option is Best for Durability and Long-Term Use?

    1. Which memory storage is better if I want the memory to be durable? Like when I drop it or hit it and still have the least chance of corrupting its memory. 2. Which memory is better if I want to store it for centuries without rewriting the memory and then be able to access the memory without...
  7. RoundEarVulcan

    Optical drive SSD conversion Mac

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if any macbook pro owners have successfully converted the optical drive into an area to hold an SSD. I am planning on keeping my current HDD and adding the SSD. Please let me know how it went and how much it affected the performance. (2012 MacbookPro non-retina)...
  8. C

    Can Degaussing an HDD Damage It?

    Can a speck of dust degauss the surface of an HDD? Or perhaps water? If you grabbed an HDD with your hands, assuming you don't braise the surface, would THAT degauss it?
  9. S

    Fortran Can we compile fortran 90 on external hdd?

    Hi, I need to compile a programming written in fortran90 and the output will be in 10 000 data files(maybe more) size 3.5Mb each. My notebook's memory is not enough to store all the data file, I am using Linux 3.11.6-4-desktop with openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (x86_64). I have 1TB external hdd and...
  10. cobalt124

    External USB HDD has to be FAT

    I'm planning to use a HDD (IDE, NTFS) removed from an IBM Thinkpad as an external backup device through USB. The instructions that came with my hard drive enclosure state I must reformat to FAT16 or FAT32 before placing in the enclosure. Is there a technical reason why it cannot be NTFS? Is it...
  11. MathematicalPhysicist

    Discover the Life Span of an External HDD | Expert Insights

    I have an external HDD with a lot of information stored in it, my question is what exactly the life span of an external HDD? Thnaks in advance.
  12. T

    Ubuntu Install on new external hdd

    Just a quick question, will I have to partition the new hdd, to load the OS or will it be okay to install OS straight onto?
  13. cobalt124

    Potential magnet damage to laptop HDD

    My specific question is can the magnets in an Ashton BA15 40W bass amp damage the HDD in a laptop (we have a Samsung about a year and a quarter old and an Acer about a year old). I've read the following threads: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=411895&highlight=magnet...
  14. L

    How can I safely use HDD stepper motors for different applications?

    I recently pulled apart two old hard drives, and extracted the stepper motors. I already know they would have to be fairly accurate to be used in hard drives. So here are my questions: 1. These were 7200 RPM hard drives. I'm guessing the motors are probably capable of going much faster...
  15. A

    Connecting HDD Motors to Microcontrollers

    Hello Forum , anybody has an experience with HDD motors , how can be connected to a microcontroller ? Thank you in advance Anita
  16. T

    Installing Windows on a new HDD

    Just bought a new HDD. It's faster than my old one so I want to run Windows from it. Can I just install Windows on it without it causing trouble with the Windows version on my old drive?
  17. A

    Fix External HDD Access Issues - Get Files Back!

    So I just salvaged the HD from my laptop which just imploded itself, it still works and all (I have it connected to an enclosure and USB'd into my computer), but I can't get my files off of it. It keeps saying that the access is denied, and I realize this is a microsoft privacy thing, but is...
  18. V

    How to reformat & partition the HDD ?

    how to reformat & partition the HDD ?? hi, My computer has become very slow & sluggish & fully crammed up! So i want to reformat my HDD & make new partitions for proper management of data. Please tell me how to do it through dos ( ie without using any additional softwares like partition...
  19. Ivan Seeking

    What is an HDD for TV and how can it upgrade your viewing experience?

    We finally had to upgrade and buy a new DVD recorder/player for the TV. We were still using VHS, which died, so we got that with the DVD, but we also got a HDD, which I thought was just for the live pause. I didn't even realize at the time what an 80 Gig HDD meant for recording time; I noticed...
  20. D

    Dual-Boot WinXP Pro & Win98 SE on One HDD

    DoomKingUK here askin'... I want to be able to boot from 'Winxp pro' or 'Win98 se' using ONE hdd. Is this possible because i had xp pro installed and used 'Partition magic 8' to "install another operating system" to install 'Win98se' thinking it wouldn't change the xp partition cos...
  21. J

    How to dissect a hdd spindle motor Sankey

    How to dissect a hdd (seagate Mod. ST31276A) spindle motor "Sankey"? I have a spindle motor of seagate( Mod. ST31276A about 6 GB) It motor is "sankey" made in Japan . I wonder how to disassemble it(to see the coils, magnet,halls, etc). If some people can help me ..I will appreciate a lot...
  22. Saint

    How Can I Record Multiple TV Programs onto My Computer's Hard Disk?

    Dear All, What hardwares and softwares do I need to install into my computer so that I can record TV programs onto my hard disk? And, I want to be able to record more than 1 channel's program. :confused:
  23. Saint

    Creating a Virtual CD on Your Hard Drive: Easy Autorun and Duplication

    Let say I have an installation CD of Microsoft office, which can autorun. How can I create a virtual CD on my hardisk , copy the whole contents of the CD onto my HDD. When I double click the virtual CD, it can autorun; and, I can also burn it onto a blank CD, duplicate it. What software...