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Installing Windows on a new HDD

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    Just bought a new HDD. It's faster than my old one so I want to run Windows from it. Can I just install Windows on it without it causing trouble with the Windows version on my old drive?
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    Safest way is to remove your old drive and install windows on the new one.
    Then connect your old drive as a second drive, that way you can't accidentally overwrite it.
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    But I have data on the old drive which I eventually want to transfer to the new one. Is this possible;
    1) Format new drive
    2) Transfer data to new drive
    3) Delete old drive
    4) Install XP on new drive

    Will this cause me trouble?
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    Yes, the install XP part will erase the new drive.
    The correct sequence is :
    1, Remove old drive - put safely away
    2, Insert new drive and install windows
    3, Put old drive in as 2nd drive (check jumpers if it's an IDE ) and configure bios
    4, Start windows and copy data from drive D: (or E:) to your new drive C:
    5, Remove old drive or keep it as a backup

    You could skip 1, and leave the old drive in place as the second drive while you do this - but it does invite a visit from Mr Oops!
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