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Ubuntu Install on new external hdd

  1. Jan 9, 2013 #1
    Just a quick question, will I have to partition the new hdd, to load the OS or will it be okay to install OS straight onto?
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    You can install on a single partition (besides swap). Ideally however you want 3/4 partitions. /Boot, /Data , /Home and one for swap.
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    having a problem booting Ubuntu from my drive. I didn't use the hdd in the end used a flash drive, 16GB. Mainly just want to try a few diff distribution before making a permanent decision. So I used the pendrive linux load on okay, but my laptop still wont boot from usb. I change the bios setting to boot from drive first, dose not seem to be detecting it. So is my only other option is to use grub from the drive with the Ubuntu correct or not?
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