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  1. J

    Noise isolation headphone recommendations?

    I am looking for some noise isolating headphones for my younger daughter to use when my older daughter is practicing her french horn. It is one loud instrument! I wouldn't expect active noise cancelling headphones to work since I have a hard time believing they can respond quickly as a horn...
  2. O

    Is my lecturer incorrect or did I just misunderstand? (sound quality)

    I'm a first year electrical engineering student and I had a lecture on Analogue and power electronics today. The main topic the lecturer was talking about was headphones and stereo systems etc. We learned about frequency responses and looked at product specifications and circuit analysis and...
  3. Natanijel

    Audio Jack Mystery

    Hello everyone :) I came across a strange situation today when I was listening to my music with my headphones on. When I pressed play to a song, the instrumental intro started off fairly normally (although the audio sounded a little "thinner" than usual, as if compressed), and then, when...