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Listening to T.V with Headphones?

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    I want to listen to T.V with headphones so that my parents can't hear it, and so that when there's noise in the background I don't have to blast the volume fully to hear it. Is there such a thing that would allow me to do this?

    (And if they are headphones, are they wireless)
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    http://www.sennheiser.com/sennheiser/home_en.nsf/root/private_headphones_tv-headphones [Broken]
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    Yes! I just got some and they plug into any device that makes noise, teevee, DVD player, Ipod stand, computer (to listen to CDs, anything that's making noise on the computer including teevee clips and whatnot) CD players, anything. And yes, they're wireless. When you set the headphones back on the stand -- and the stand is the component that plugs into your sound device -- the batteries recharge on the stand.

    These things are the absolutely best! I've just recently discovered that Kenny says actual words in South Park because I could finally hear him. The sound quality is fantastic, so they are amazing for music. The distance you can travel away from the base is 150 feet in any direction because the sound picks up through floors and walls. It's better than infared because the headphones don't have to be within view of the base to work. The volume control is on the headphones, so you can blast the things and no one else can hear a sound. Plus they pick up FM radio independent of the docking station being plugged into a noise device. I am pleased beyond pleased with these things. I just bought them for myself as a Christmas gift. :biggrin:

    http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/7/Electronics/AudioEquipment/Headphones/PRD~0441099P/RCA%2BCordless%2BHeadphones%2Bw%252BTransmitter.jsp" [Broken]

    There are quite a few brands on the market, but these are the ones I purchased (after purchasing a far more inexpensive set that kept losing the signal) so I'm ready to vouch for them all day long.
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    Interesting! :smile:

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    Can't you also get headphones that filter out background noise? They're probably quite expensive and don't work too well.

    EDIT: yep, http://west3man.blogspot.com/2007/02/review-noise-cancelling-headphones.html" [Broken], although that's from 2007, the technology is probably better now.
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