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Connecting headphones in parallel?

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    So i was wondering, if i connected two headsets in parallel before the jack would it send the same sounds to both head sets?
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    Yes. What do you think these things do?

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    Yes - you can typically use a splitter for this - it will have a single male plug for the source, and then 2 female jacks for each of the headphones. The source does need to be able to drive both headphones, in my experience I have not had a problem with 2 - but if you parallel more of them it will become a problem. -- Here in the States these are available at radio shack, you may want to bring the headphones in there are a few sizes of plugs.
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    The one potential issue here is that headphones can vary widely in efficiency, and if you connect a very efficient set in parallel with an inefficient set, you might barely be able to hear anything on one set, while the other set is extremely loud. Other than that though, you shouldn't have any problems.
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