What is Kerbal space program: Definition and 12 Discussions

Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is a space flight simulation video game developed by Squad and published by Private Division for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In the game, players direct a nascent space program, staffed and crewed by green humanoid aliens known as "Kerbals". The game features a realistic orbital physics engine, allowing for various real-life orbital maneuvers such as Hohmann transfer orbits and orbital rendezvous.
The first public version was released digitally on Squad's Kerbal Space Program storefront on 24 June 2011, and joined Steam's early access program on 20 March 2013. The game was released out of beta on 27 April 2015. Kerbal Space Program has support for user-created mods that add new features. Popular mods have received support and inclusion in the game by Squad. People and agencies in the space industry have taken an interest in the game, including NASA, the European Space Agency, and Peter Beck, CEO and CTO of Rocket Lab.In May 2017, Squad announced that the game was purchased by video game company Take-Two Interactive, who will help support Squad in keeping the console versions up-to-date alongside the personal computer versions. An Enhanced Edition was released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in January 2018, and set to be release in 2021 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S by Private Division, a publishing subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive. Two expansions for the game have been released as downloadable content: Making History in March 2018 and Breaking Ground in May 2019. A sequel, Kerbal Space Program 2, has been announced for a 2022 release.

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  1. Drakkith

    Is Kerbal Space Program Free on Epic Games Store Right Now?

    Just FYI to anyone who is interested or has a friend or relative who might be interested, Kerbal Space Program is free on the Epic Games store right now through January 12th at 10AM (don't know the time zone). Kerbal Space Program is THE game if you are interested in rocketry, realistic space...
  2. doggonemess

    Middle aged student of all sciences and trades

    Greetings, my name is Jamie. I'm a web developer in Maryland, working for a community college. I've been interested in science my entire life, and love learning new things. I graduated HS in 1995, and have managed to forget just about everything I learned about math, so it unfortunately limits...
  3. collinsmark

    Kerbal Space Program Tutorial Series - Open Access to 1.7

    "How hard can rocket science be anyway?" Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox type computer game that leans heavily on concepts of physics (don't let that scare you though, you don't need a calculator nor a book of equations to play it. It's ultimately very intuitive). Given the physics nature of...
  4. collinsmark

    Kerbal Space Program - Returning to Earth From Duna

    ... Continued from part 14. The Sands of Duna Part 15: Coming in fast Collinsmark is not affiliated with Squad nor Kerbal Space Program We are coming in fast. Really, really fast. Might was well fold up the solar arrays. There's areobraking in the near future. [Figure 122...
  5. collinsmark

    Kerbal Space Program - Duna Flight Math

    The Sands of Duna <Intermission (1/2)> An intermission of math. Skip this post (and the next) if you are not interested in the math. But since you are reading this on Physics Forums after all, there's a good chance you are interested. If so, read on. :smile: Collinsmark is not affiliated...
  6. collinsmark

    Kerbal Space Program - Orbiting Duna

    ... Continued from Part 4. The Sands of Duna Part 5: On your mark, get set, ... Now that we're in a low, roughly circular, Kerbin orbit, we need to find the position within that orbit that we will choose for are upcoming periapsis. We need to find the place in that orbit that we will...
  7. collinsmark

    Kerbal Space Program - Duna Rocket Launch

    ... Continued from part 3. The Sands of Duna Part 4: We have ignition The author of this post (and story), collinsmark, is not affiliated with Squad nor Kerbal Space Program. We've waited long enough. So let's get this ship out the launch pad. Kerbals chosen for this mission are Melmon...
  8. collinsmark

    Kerbal Space Program - Launch for Duna

    The Sands of Duna Part 1: Introduction So let's go to Duna! (Duna is Kerbal Space Program's [KSP's] analogue of Mars.) Here are some mission requirements that I set out for myself: Mission requirements: Bring two or three Kerbals to the surface of Duna and bring back all sorts of...
  9. collinsmark

    Kerbal Space Program - Landing Back on Earth

    ... Continued from part fifteen. To the Mun! Part sixteen: Home, sweet home [Figure 234: Service module separation (1/2)] [Figure 235: Service module separation (2/2)] [Figure 236: Reentry (1/2)] [Figure 237: Reentry (2/2)] [Figure 238] [Figure 239]...
  10. collinsmark

    Kerbal Space Program - Rocket Design Basics

    The Little Rocket That Could [Figure 1. Check this out.] This post illustrates an example of KSP rocket design. The following are the rocket's design goals: Get three kerbals and a bunch of science items to the Mun, in an Apollo style mission: such that two kerbals (and science) land on the...
  11. collinsmark

    Kerbal Space Program - Efficient Launch into Orbit

    Efficient launch into orbit. Designing a small, simple, efficient and stable launch vehicle to get into Kerbin's orbit can be done pretty easily. But in order to avoid building oversized, overcomplicated, drag prone behemoths (like the one I was using in the first post of this thread), one...
  12. FlexGunship

    What is Kerbal Space Program game all about?

    Hey all, I just searched the forum for discussions about this game but, apart from one of the developers asking a question about astrophysics, I found nothing. In case folks don't know... there exists a wonderful game/simulator called "Kerbal Space Program" developed by a group called "Squad."...