What is Khz: Definition and 27 Discussions

The hertz (symbol: Hz) is the derived unit of frequency in the International System of Units (SI) and is defined as one cycle per second. It is named after Heinrich Rudolf Hertz(1857-1894), the first person to provide conclusive proof of the existence of electromagnetic waves. Hertz are commonly expressed in multiples: kilohertz (103 Hz, kHz), megahertz (106 Hz, MHz), gigahertz (109 Hz, GHz), terahertz (1012 Hz, THz), petahertz (1015 Hz, PHz), exahertz (1018 Hz, EHz), and zettahertz (1021 Hz, ZHz).
Some of the unit's most common uses are in the description of sine waves and musical tones, particularly those used in radio- and audio-related applications. It is also used to describe the clock speeds at which computers and other electronics are driven. The units are sometimes also used as a representation of energy, via the photon energy equation (E=hν), with one hertz equivalent to h joules.

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  1. D

    Ferrite Cores on the output cable of a VFD

    Some Variable Frequency Drive manufacturers (such as Allen Bradley) supply a toroidal Ferrite core to wrap the outgoing cables around to reduce EMF. My question is, if a company doesn't supply a ferrite core, how do I work out if one is needed, and how do I correctly size it? I understand that...
  2. N

    How to transmit a signal (530 - 550 Khz) to a point

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to electromagnetism and have no experiences in this topic. I have a signal generator (Digital Dual Channel Funktion Signal Generator) and want to generate two signals (530 and 550 Khz signal) and want to transmit these generated signals to the points on a table...
  3. C

    Aliens with Control over Gravitons in the KHz Range

    See my previous post! https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/do-gravitons-have-frequency-like-photons.957146/ Let's say we had some aliens that had the ability to emit/interact with gravitons with frequency roughly in the range corresponding to human hearing (20Hz-20KHz), and that they had an...
  4. Johnm35

    Can a 19.8 kHz, 1 megawatt VLF tower melt metal?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I am wondering, can this VLF station melt metal (details below post)? I recently did a scuba dive with a company in exmouth, WA, who provided some info on this station. They had been told that the control room is made entirely of wood, and even...
  5. F

    Can Human Bodies Tolerate High Frequency Electrocution at 100 KHz?

    Is it correct to say that human body can tolerate mains (household) current 120/230 V if it is at high frequency (such as 100-200 KHz instead of 50/60 Hz) ? Also, since induction cookers operate at high voltage around 100 KV and high frequnecy of around 100 KHz . do they not generate very...
  6. mishima

    Monitoring a 24 kHz frequency, logging a digital dB reading

    Hi, I had a project in mind but I'm not sure its possible, or what I might need. Current Setup: A small loop antenna monitors a 24kHz (VLF) radio signal, and passes it to an amplifier (schematic can be found here: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/schematic-symbol-help-supersid.709128/)...
  7. N

    Quadrature Demodulation at 90 kHz

    Hello all I have a linear frequency modulated (LFM) signal having 90 KHz center frequency and 20 KHz bandwidth around it. My problem is to demodulate it at base band to get I and Q both (phase information required). I have searched a lot at internet but mostly found quadrature demodulator ICs...
  8. A

    I Way of producing 600kHz longitudinal waves - Piezo or siren

    Hello! My name is Nick and I have an MSc in Computer Science, I'm also Physics enthusiast and amateur/independent researcher. I would like to ask for your help on something. I'm currently trying to find a way to study ultrasonic waves' effects on water and I'd like to find a means of...
  9. onion3000

    Help with understanding modulation in AM, FM and PM radio

    I have a few questions about AM, FM and PM. 1. If FM (or PM) radio modifies the frequency of the signal, how is the signal picked up without having to change the frequency constantly? 2. If PM modulates phase, which modulates frequency, what is the difference between PM and FM? 3. Why is AM...
  10. A

    Sinusoidal Current of .5 Amps (rms) & 5 kHz

    This is just a quick question: A problem I'm working on says "a sinusoidal current of .5 amps (rms) and 5 kHz." Later, in the problem solution, I(t) is written as .5 \sqrt{2} \cos{(10^4 \pi t)}. I think I'm simply misunderstanding something about the construction of a current function when...
  11. F

    Shift Phase of 100 kHz Signal 90 Degrees

    For a school project I need to be able to shift the phase of a 100 kHz sine wave by 90 degrees (either positive or negative). I have tried several passive integrators and differentiators, both with poor results. I have also tried using an op-amp integrator and differentiator, but in both cases...
  12. G

    Constructing a 1Hz 50 Hz 500 Hz 5Khz 30 Khz 50 khz Switching Device

    Hello All, I am thinking about pulsing the power from individual 9-12 volt Batteries @ the different frequencies of 1 Hz, 50 hz, 500hz 5 khz 30 khz and 50khz . All I want to do is to create a pulse DC charge from a 9 volt or 12 volt battery.Car or Motor Cycle batteries are my targets...
  13. Q

    AM (SSB-SC) Signal Bandwidth 941 kHz 20 Hz-19 kHz

    Please help me to find out, what is the bandwidth in (kHz) of an AM (SSB-SC) signal with a carrier frequency of 941 kHz and a baseband signal that has frequency components from 20 Hz to 19 kHz? thanks
  14. B

    Writing out MHz Band and the kHz Band?

    I need some help with FREQ. on the MHz Band and the kHz Band? If I am on a Radio that displays the FREQ 909.5 MHz I know I would write this out as 909,500,000 Hz and this is 9 Hundred and 9 Thousand 5 Million Herts Am I right?
  15. fluidistic

    Ant specialists needed for the 1 kHz ant

    Within a very quick google research, one reads that the jaws (mandibules I should say?) of leafcutter ants can vibrate up to 1000 times per second. Wikipedia doesn't say so though. Anyway I wanted to see a slow motion video about the vibrations but didn't find anything. If you found one...
  16. J

    An AM station is broadcasting a radio wave whose frequency is 1400 kHz.

    Homework Statement An AM station is broadcasting a radio wave whose frequency is 1400 kHz. The value of the capacitance in Figure 24.5 is 8.4 X10 -11 F. The Value of the capacitance in Figure 24.4 is 8.4X10-11 F. What must be the value of the inductance in order that this station can be tuned...
  17. G

    Can a Square Wave at 500 kHz and 2.5 kV Be Achieved?

    I've been told that a square wave at this speed and > 1 kV P-P won't happen, but I need one, and our lab has plenty of funding. Is this possible? Commercially available? If 500 kHz is out of the question, what about 100 kHz? Any information is appreciated--I don't know **** about electronics :(
  18. C

    Calculate Capacitor for 2 KHz Series-Tuned LC Circuit

    What size capacitor would you install in a series-tuned LC circuit with a resonant frequency of 2 KHz the circuit will include a 2 mH inductor? This is my question and here is what I got. Just want to know if it is right. 2.52 i do not know how to put the formula in here. can anyone show me...
  19. G

    Remove 1170 KHz AM radio station from microphones

    Hi. I work for a security company and we currently have a challenge. How do I remove a 1170 KHz AM radio station from my 8 microphones that are installed with 2 Conductor shielded, 22 gauge with a 24 gauge drain wire with lengths ranging from 15 - 250 feet from my server room? The radio...
  20. P

    Tuning an LC Circuit to Span 540 kHz Range

    Homework Statement A radio receiver contains an LC circuit whose natural frequency of oscillation can be adjusted, or tuned, to match the frequency of the incoming radio waves. The adjustment is made by means of a variable capacitor. Suppose that the inductance of the circuit is 11.00 μH. What...
  21. M

    Inverting a 130 Vrms, 40-45 kHz Signal?

    Inverting a 130 Vrms, 40-45 kHz Signal?? Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone might be willing to help me out on a little problem I am having: I have an amplifier output of 130*sin(f*t), f = [40 - 45 kHz], and I need to run this into two parallel lines such that initially, line 1...
  22. L

    Engineering Design LC Circuit: Find Capacitor for 2 kHz, 2 mH

    Homework Statement I need to design a series-tuned LC circuit with a resonant frequency of 2 kHz and and a 2 mH inductor. I need to know what size capacitor I would need? Homework Equations 2 kHz * 1000 = 2000 Hertz 2 mH / 1000 = 0.002 Henry The Attempt at a Solution
  23. N

    Noise in 7-10.5 kHz Range: Solutions Needed

    Hi all, I have a high gain current to voltage amp connected to 2-3 meters of coax which is picking up noise in the 7-10.5 kHz range. Does anyone have any expereince in waht could be the source of this noise? Right now I'm using a couple op-amps and a low pass filter to get the noise to a...
  24. R

    Using 555 Timer IC to Output 100 KHz Frequency

    Hi, I have a 555 timer IC. For my work, my colleague asked me to make it so it can output 100 KHz frequency. (astable) My Ra = 6.8 kOhms and my Rb = 4.7 kOhms... I know that the Frequency = 1 / (T_high + T_low) where T_high = 0.693(Rb + Ra) * C T_low = 0.693(Rb) * C Although I'm not...
  25. H

    What is the reactance of the capacitor at 1.00 kHz?

    i seemto be frequenting this board more than i intended to but i physics is not my strong point at all so if i seem bothersome apologize about that and i also try to put what i have done sor for in the problem so it don;t seem like i am not trying so here goes and besides does anyone know where...
  26. S

    Build Your Own Sound Generator: 300-1.5 KHz Frequency & Adjustable Volume

    I am looking for sound generator from 300 Hz frequency up to 1.5 KHz, with adjustable volume. Is there such a thing in the electronic market? I also want to know the frequency it produces as I turn the knob. If I want to make the circuit myself, where do I get the circuit plan?
  27. B

    Help Needed: Low Pass Filter Cutoff Frequency Closest to 100 kHz

    hi there if anyone could help i would be very grateful for a low pass filter from the following list choose the two components which would produce a cut off frequency closest to 100 khz resistor capacitor 1.6 k ohm 1 nf 33 k ohm 330 nf 150 k ohm 10 uf...