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  1. H

    B Work performed by a magnetic field

    Here is a little thought experiment related to magnetism and a perplexing question regarding its physics. Suppose we have a long cylinder of transparent plastic, and we press fit and then cement a circular magnet in one end of the cylinder with its north pole oriented into the cylinder. We also...
  2. A

    B Simple experiment with magnets

    I made a little experiment with magnets. I got two small bars of magnets. They obey the usual attraction-repulsion rules by approaching their faces together in various permutation. Accidentally, one of them is broken into two unequal pieces. When I managed to put the two broken pieces side by...
  3. puya

    I Magnetization of a Helical coil in a Reservoir of parrafin

    To test an Experimental Model , my advisor said to make this investigation; I have a Reservoir of parrafin, Capacity is 50 liters, Around this Reservoir there is a Helical copper Pipe, I have to magnetize the Reservoir by using Helical coil . Many thanks For your assistance
  4. H

    Calculating the final velocity of a simple electric train

    I am currently in grade 12, and for a physics project (a huge project, which gets assigned to you at the start of the semester and needs to be completed just before exams. You think up your project, make a proposal for it and you prove your hypothesis to be right after a presentation and lab...
  5. V

    Discussion about Altering Automotive Electricity Management

    I'd like to start a thread of thoughts and opinions of a topic that I am considering spending time and money on. Unfortunately, I do not have a very broad knowledge of the engineering intricacies of the topic. I'm really curious if there has been a proposal or workings of a vehicle that uses an...
  6. Scrope

    I Iron bar wrapped with a solenoid

    What is happening within an iron bar/iron core when it is wrapped by a solenoid with current running through the solenoid? Do electrons within the bar get displaced?
  7. R

    Magnetic conductive material but thermally non conductive

    HI, I have application where i need to lift metal plate, 3kg weight, ( 3mmX 15mm), 250degree.C hot, for the period of 1min and put it back. For lifting purpose i am using actuators. As i have no opportunity to make hole in plate i have to use magnet for lifting purpose. I got Electromagnet...
  8. S

    Moving charges and magnetism

    Homework Statement current in wire is in east to west direction.direction of magneetic field below the line Homework Equations right hand thumb rule The Attempt at a Solution i used the right hand thumb rule to find the direction of magnetic field but the magnetic field comes out in in the...
  9. atommo

    B Electron Spin and current-induced magnetic fields

    Hi, I'm currently investigating magnetic fields/their cause. This has inevitably led me to learn all about electrons. Here I want to post my understanding on electron 'spin' so people can correct me if I'm wrong/help others get a better understanding. So I watched this YouTube video for...
  10. V

    Getting the magnetic field as a function of current

    Howdy, So, I'm curious, is there a general relationship between current input into an electromagnetic and the magnetic field that it generates in space? The trivial example is wrapping a wire around a rod, then sending a current through it which causes a magnetic field. My set up is a simple...
  11. alfab

    I Why does the speed of the magnet matter in a coil?

    I am currently studying Faraday's law and electromagnets and in class we were told that if you had a coil and say a bar magnet was passed through it the faster the magnetic field was applied to the coil the greater the induced voltage or emf would be. I do not understand why the speed would...
  12. cluelessGUY

    I Magnet clamp repelling in coil

    I have a practical question. I want to make a rubber (silicone) hose/plug that is pinched closed by two magnets ( very strong magnets such as ones from a hard drive the Neodymium kind). I want to place then into a coil and when I want the liquid to flow, I want to turn on the coil and have the...
  13. K

    I Electromagnetic levitation

    Hi, My name is Kendall. After seeing the Back to the Future again, I have been once again fascinated by the hoverboards, as I'm sure many others are also guilty of. A couple hours of research into magnetism later, and I'm still stuck. I have little to no experience with magnetism, but I figure...
  14. T

    How to Design a Donut Electromagnet

    I have an electromagnet device that I am designing and need a bit of help from some of the brilliant people on this site. Here's the problem: I have a disk attached to the end of a shaft and the shaft/disk assembly can move radially (via a spring loaded mechanism). This shaft/disk fits...