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I Why does the speed of the magnet matter in a coil?

  1. Mar 29, 2017 #1
    I am currently studying Faraday's law and electromagnets and in class we were told that if you had a coil and say a bar magnet was passed through it the faster the magnetic field was applied to the coil the greater the induced voltage or emf would be. I do not understand why the speed would matter if the magnetic field was constant from the bar magnet and the magnetic flux would be the same. Why would it be greater if the magnet was moving faster?
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    How much emf is induced if the magnet is just placed inside the coil and left stationary?
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    it would be 0 correct? because if the magnet is not moving at all the electrons in the coil are not moving
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    Yes, exactly. I was trying to lead you to the understanding on your own that jedishrfu has now provided to you.
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    okay thank you this makes a lot more sense now
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