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Mill's Methods are five methods of induction described by philosopher John Stuart Mill in his 1843 book A System of Logic. They are intended to illuminate issues of causation.

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  1. T

    What do the numbers in the method of joints analysis for trusses represent?

    Hello all I am trying to analyse a truss using the method of joint process i.e I am trying to determine whether each member is in tension or compression. I have the following truss that I want to analyse using the method of sections. Just focusing on joint A, I have created a FDB and...
  2. G

    Truss Method of Joints: Solving Unequal Member Forces

    Homework Statement The load is known. Just 2 reactions needed to describe all external forces. Homework Equations method of joings The Attempt at a Solution I'm working on a pretty simple truss for work and want to check some of the elements for buckling. The strange thing is I am not...
  3. Vanessa Avila

    Statics: Method of Joints (Truss)

    Can someone explain to me why that highlighted force is 0? Homework Equations ∑Fx = 0 The Attempt at a Solution I found FDC to be 780lb and I am still trying to solve for FDE
  4. T

    Method of Joints Query: Shedding Light On Truss Calculations

    Hello all, I have recently been attempting to refresh my memory in regards to method of joints and have been making some reasonable progress, however I have ran into a stumbling block that has left me quite puzzled. I have been using the Skyciv truss calculator to verify my work and for the...
  5. C

    Method of joints for bridge truss

    Homework Statement Calculate the forces for each member. Homework Equations Sum of forces in x=0 Sum of forces in y=0 Sumof moments about D=0The Attempt at a Solution Work is on attached image of problem. I'm having trouble solving for support reactions. At D there is [/B] a hinge. At A...
  6. W

    Solve Truss Joints Using Method of Joints

    Homework Statement Determine the axial forces in the members of the truss and indicate whether they are in tension or compression. Homework Equations Fx = 0 Fy = 0 Mp = 0 The Attempt at a Solution I attempted to find the reactions at the supports first. So: Fx = 0 = Bx + 800cos(250)N Fy...
  7. EdajMay

    Truss Analysis : Method of Joints only (Picture provided)

    Hello, In my statics course, we had to design a bridge, and now, I have to calculate the internal forces in every member of the truss. At first, I have found Ay and Oy with the moment of force, but then, I am stuck since the truss is not perfectly aligned. Sadly, I can't use the method of...
  8. B

    Truss Homework: Solving for Joint Forces using Method of Joints

    Homework Statement http://oi59.tinypic.com/2h65cm1.jpg[/B]Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] All triangles: angles A = B = 53.13 degrees, angle C = 73.74 degrees from cosine law and the 180 degree ruleBut it looks like all of the joints in the bridge have more than 2...
  9. E

    Method of Joints, Virtual Load

    Hi I was hoping someone could clear something up for me, I've been set an virtual load (unit load method) question at University, that part of the question I can do however its the calculating the force on the members part that I am struggling with. The question asks for all the forces in the...
  10. Feodalherren

    Understanding Method of Joints for Solving Statics Problems

    Homework Statement So this is more of a general question as I'm trying to follow the book's way of solving the problems and it's not working. This is what the book says: Always assume the unknown member forces acting on the joint’s free-body diagram to be in tension ; i.e., the forces “pull”...
  11. I

    Truss Analysis - Method of Joints

    Ok so first I considered the entire structure (which is in equilbrium) and resolved to find out that HA = -4.8 kN, VA= -0.9 kN and VE=0.9 kN. (these answers were correct according to mark scheme) Then I considered each joint separately (in order to find the forces in each of the members). I...
  12. M

    Method of Joints Truss Analysis

    Hello, I was curious, for the method of joints truss analysis, when considering a joint, is it assumed that all forces at that joint are radiating away from the joint (meaning tension), even if it was already found from a previous joint that the member is acting in compression? I'm not sure if...
  13. Y

    Statics: Forces in a truss, method of joints

    Homework Statement Using the method of joints, determine the force in each member of the truss shown. State whether each member is in tension or compression. Homework Equations ƩFx=0 ƩFy=0 ƩM=0 The Attempt at a Solution I got the forces at C and D by using the equilibrium...
  14. S

    Method of joints & forces between joints

    Part of my assignment is to find the stresses in each member of a truss bridge, but unlike the problems I have been taught before, this involves a load between the joints of the bridge. Me and my group are using the method of joints to find the forces acting through each member, the problem is...
  15. J

    Method of Joints: Solving for Fab in a Truss Structure

    Homework Statement Everything is in the PDF Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution So once I get to the last 2 joints Then all I have left to solve for is Fab. I get different numbers each way i try to figure it out. So I know I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas?
  16. O

    Truss - Method of Joints in terms of load P

    Hello guys. I would like someone to check that I am doing this problem correctly. The answer given in the book is 0.577(P) for FAB and FAE which differs from the answer I get. Homework Statement Determine the force in each member of the truss in terms of the load P and state if the members...
  17. J

    The Method of Joints (support reactions)

    So, I have a question regarding the method of joints used to solve force members in a truss. I am just starting the question and I am stuck on determining the moment in the support reactions. So my questions are: (1) For the moment around support reaction E do I include Force Dx in my...
  18. J

    Truss analysis using method of joints

    The question is to calculate the forces ina ll members of the trussnby method of joints. First i have calculated the reaction forces for A and B by taking the moment from both these points. These came too: Ay=25N and By=25N I do not know where to go from here, what point should i analyse...
  19. J

    Truss Analysis: Method of Joints

    I'm doing this truss analysis by method of joints and I have determined the forces at "A" and "G" and have moved on to determine the loads at each joint. I have determined the angle to be 63.34 for the 10' and 53.13 for the 15'(I took the inverse tangent of 20/10=63.34 and I took the inverse...
  20. T

    Method of joints, force in each member

    Homework Statement Using method of joints, determine the force in each member of the truss. State whether each member is in compression or tension. Homework Equations joint method, I'm not sure how to describe it.The Attempt at a Solution The answer is of course Fab = 261.8 lb T Fbc =...
  21. S

    Analysis Of Truss, Method Of Joints.

    Homework Statement Hi so I have the following truss: http://screencast.com/t/BIdagRt5abg and I need to calculate the forces in every member by method of joints The Attempt at a Solution So I got the Reaction forces: F(BG) = 25N and F(AC) = 35N Now I'm not exactually sure what to do...
  22. P

    Statics question - Method of joints

    The problem is attached. I have to solve for the force in the member BC. The thing I need help with is solving for the two attachments. I already broke it down into the forces and directions, but what do I do with the lower attachment? How do I find the x displacement of point G from E if I'm...
  23. S

    Problems involving trusses using method of joints

    While solving for problems involving trusses using method of joints, how do i know which member is in compression and which is in tension? any help would be appreciated, this stuff's been bugging me for quite some time thanks and god bless
  24. A

    Method of joints for a truss

    Hi there! Can anyone take me through the method of joints procedure for this truss? I am having trouble working out the reaction forces at the pin at joint A. Is there supposed to be a vertical component to the reaction force as well a a horizontal (seeing as it is a pin)? And if so where...
  25. M

    How do I determine the support reactions in a method of joints truss?

    Hi, I am really stuck here. My problem is with determining the support reactions. I understand that this needs to be done first before working on each truss member. But I don't understand how to determine them. I have read and re-read all my available text and still stuck. The question I...
  26. T

    Method of Joints: Bridge Construction Help

    Hey guys... i need help with method of joints... could some one explain to me how to do this. In my projects in engineering class we are constructing bridges and i want to understand what's going on. Any help would be aprreaciated. Excuse my spelling errors pls.
  27. S

    Method of Joints: Struggling to Understand?

    I am struggleing here. Can anyone explain this concept to me? I don't understand how to first find the forces the supports exort and even if I did I don't know I I could proceed. Does anyone know a website that has a non-symetrical triangle that I can re-learn the basics off of. Or if some one...