What is molecular geometry: Definition and 16 Discussions

Molecular geometry is the three-dimensional arrangement of the atoms that constitute a molecule. It includes the general shape of the molecule as well as bond lengths, bond angles, torsional angles and any other geometrical parameters that determine the position of each atom.
Molecular geometry influences several properties of a substance including its reactivity, polarity, phase of matter, color, magnetism and biological activity. The angles between bonds that an atom forms depend only weakly on the rest of molecule, i.e. they can be understood as approximately local and hence transferable properties.

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  1. Lotto

    Where to find molecular geometry for Psi4?

    I suppose there is a database for that, but I can't find it. Could anyone send here a link?
  2. W

    Chemistry VSEPR - Bonding and Molecular Geometry

    Homework Statement What is the electron pair geometry of the following? SCN− BeCl2 O3 The Attempt at a Solution SCN− Linear BeCl2 Linear O3 Trigonal Planar Homework Statement Would the following structures be polar or nonpolar? (Not applicable if the structure is an...
  3. K

    Chemistry On Molecular Geometry of Hydrazine and Electronegativity

    Homework Statement 1. What is the molecular shape of Hydrazine N2H4 w.r.t. N atom? 2. H2S and H2O, which one has a larger bond angle? 2. The attempt at a solution 1. Trigonal Pyramidal is the answer given. But Hydrazine has 5 atoms around its central atom and I'm unable to fathom...
  4. C

    Chemistry Electron Geometry and Molecular Geometry

    Homework Statement Determine the electron geometry and molecular geometry or the underlined carbon in CH3CN. A) tetrahedral/tetrahedral B) linear/trigonal planar C) trigonal planar/bent D)linear/linear E)trigonal planar/trigonal planar I'm not really sure how to structure this...
  5. S

    Confusion with molecular geometry [carbon tetrachloride]

    Confusion with molecular geometry [carbon tetrachloride] I'm trying to understand the molecular geometry of four different compounds: CCl_{4} ,CHCl_{3} ,CH_{2}Cl_{2} ,CH_{3}Cl Please tell me whether my thinking is right or not[conceptually]. If it's wrong kindly correct me. for...
  6. F

    Molecular Geometry: Experiment vs Modeling

    All general chemistry textbooks have sections about molecular geometry, explaining that H2O is “bent”, NH3 is “trigonal pyramidal” and CH4 is “tetrahedral”, etc. But in a typical introductory textbook, it’s not easy to figure out how much is from experimental (observed) facts and how much is...
  7. G

    Molecular Geometry: Computing & VSEPR Theory

    Hey! How can we compute the molecular geometry for molecules and further use the VSEPR since electrons are continouly in motion, of which i actualy expected to hav temporary geometries ie. Oscilatin once an not a fixed or rigid which shows as if the system is static!
  8. C

    Chemistry NH3 Molecular Geometry: Understanding Electron Pair Geometry and Lone Pairs

    Homework Statement I'm trying to figure out the electron pair geometry of NH3. I know that its molecular geometry is a trigonal plane, and it has 4 electron pairs total, including one lone pair.Homework Equations N/A just nh3 molecular geometry The Attempt at a Solution Should the e- pair...
  9. B

    The molecular geometry of ClF3

    Hi, I thought that ClF3 is trigonal bipyramid or triangular bipyramidal. But it is not, so I don't know what it should be named in molecular geometry. Thank you so much to whom ever will answer my confusing thoughts right now! Thank you!
  10. S

    Chemistry Electronic & Molecular geometry: XeO3F2

    Find the electronic & molecular geometry and polarity of the molecule XeO3F2 For both electronic and molecular geometry I found to be trigonal bipyramid. The polarity of this molecule is Polar. Is this correct?
  11. S

    Chemistry Lewis dot, electronic and molecular geometry

    Draw the lewis dot, identify the electronic and molecular geometry and determine the polarity of a) NO2Cl and b) SOCl2 a) N has 6 valence electrons O has 6(2) = 12 valence electrons Cl has 7 valence electrons Total : 25 For the Lewis Structure: (* is for space) O-N-O **| **Cl I...
  12. U

    Chemistry Molecular Geometry of NH2CH2COOH

    Hi. Can someone please help me find out the molecular geometry for the NH2CH2COOH-molecule, and tell me how they found it? Thank you so much.
  13. M

    Chemistry What are the molecular geometry structures for SeO3, SeO2, and SCl2?

    Homework Statement What are the molecular geometry structure? 1. SeO3 2. SeO2 3. SCl2 The choices are: a.linear b. square planar c. tetrahedral d. trigonal planar e. trigonal pyramidal f. V-shaped
  14. W

    Chemistry What is the molecular geometry of dichloroethane?

    I can't figure out the molecular geometry for C2H4Cl2 (dichloroethane). The e- pair geometry seems to be tetrahedral, but I'm not sure for molecular. Any help?
  15. R

    Calculating Molecular Geometry Angles

    Howdy, I'm trying to calculate the angles between the repulsion of electrons. Well, it looks like a vector problem. Basically, can I just think of 360º between each of the individual the XY, XZ, and YZ planes. If I set everything up with generic variables to everything, will they drop out at...