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Homework Help: Lewis dot, electronic and molecular geometry

  1. Oct 30, 2008 #1
    Draw the lewis dot, identify the electronic and molecular geometry and determine the polarity of a) NO2Cl and b) SOCl2

    a) N has 6 valence electrons
    O has 6(2) = 12 valence electrons
    Cl has 7 valence electrons
    Total : 25

    For the Lewis Structure: (* is for space)

    I distributed 6 dots around the 2 O's and Cl but N has one valence electron on top and it is unevenly distributed.

    I think the electronic geometry is trigonal planar and it's polar.
    I'm not sure about the molecular geometry.
    b) S has 6 valence electrons
    O has 6 valence electrons
    Cl has 7(2) = 14 valence electrons
    Total: 26

    For the Lewis Structure: (* is for space)

    I distributed 6 valence electrons around the 2 Cl and 4 dots around O making a double bond between O and S.

    I think the molecular geometry is trigonal pyramidal and it's non polar.
    I'm not sure about the electronic geometry.

    Please help.
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    Well how is the electronic geometry determined?
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