What is multibody: Definition and 16 Discussions

Multibody system is the study of the dynamic behavior of interconnected rigid or flexible bodies, each of which may undergo large translational and rotational displacements.

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  1. chris25

    Which system to apply conservation of momentum to?

    For this problem I was very confused whether conservation of angular momentum should be applied to the person, the swing or the person-swing system. It seems to me that there is no net torque on any of the three systems I listed above. However, it seems that the angular momentums of the three...
  2. James1238765

    I Modeling the Earth and Sun (2 body orbits) using general relativity?

    Modeling the time evolution of the sun and earth orbiting each other using ##F = \frac{GMm}{r^2}## is straightforward. However, it appears that modeling the time evolution of the same 2 body system using general relativity seems to be a hard/intractable problem? There was in depth discussion by...
  3. Z

    Exploring the Benefits of Planar Multibody Dynamics in Mechanical Engineering

    Hello I am reading the book : " Planar Multybody dynamics, Formulation, Programming and Application" An interesting lecture , however is it worthwhile studying these methods for kinematic and dynamic analysis of mechanical mechanisms? I mean There are many softwares on the market which make...
  4. A

    How to make the small ball slide into the groove in Simscape multibody

    Good day All! I have a problem , I could do almost all the mechanism, my problem is how to make slide the little ball into the groove. whenever i run the program i got the follwing error message ['rotating_groove_cylinder_good_trial']: The following errors were found in the model...
  5. Andrey Burian

    Is it possible to create mass on four springs (in Simscape Multibody software)?

    Dear Community, I just started to master Simscape Multibody and at the moment I'm trying to simulate mass on four springs. However, when I build parallel connections, the program writes an error, for obvious reasons, because the mass is tied to the spring, and when the spring moves, the mass...
  6. Rodders

    Four bar linkage odd behaviour? (Simscape Multibody)

    Dear community, I posted this thread in Mathworks Simscape Community two days ago or so. And I have decided to record a video and post all the information in this forum. This is my first time, so hello and thanks for reading! Last month I was playing around with Simscape Multibody and I...
  7. Z

    Multibody Parts in Ansys Workbench

    Hello, can I have one simple question? I need create a Multibody Parts in Ansys Workbench. But I haven´t a Design Modeller. How do I create it? Thanks you. Pavel
  8. I

    GR Multibody Problem: Comparing Experimental Measurements

    I have a generic question on solution procedure. Suppose I consider a system of several point-like bodies interacting only via gravitation. I formulate PDE+ODE system, containing EFE and geodesic motion of the bodies. Since EFE do not define metric uniquely, I need to impose a particular...
  9. S

    Want to be a multibody expert, looking for tips

    Hi all, I want to be a multibody expert. How could you do that? Is there any book you suggest me to read? Which sw do you suggest me to learn? Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks
  10. S

    How to chech if a multibody model is correct

    Hi all, I have just created a multibody model of a mechanism. Since it's a bit complex to perform hand calculation, what should I do to check if it's correct? Thanks
  11. bleist88

    Complete position function of time for multibody systems and gravity (Newtonian)

    Hi, {First off I should share my ultimate goal, which is to have a position function of time of several bodies, let's say in a solar system, so that the position of each body and the acceleration due to gravity on all the other bodies in the system are given at any time t. Although Kepler's...
  12. S

    Multibody dynamics: reverse bungee

    [b]1. I need to simulate a reverse bungee ejection seat (carnaval ride). This is a vehicle attached to two masts with bungee cords. I know the mass, air drag and acceleration (4.8 g). The first step is to calcutate the spring constants of the bungee cords and the damping constant (relative...
  13. S

    Inertia tensor for multibody system(Robot)

    Hi, I'm trying to make a simulation of a legged robot. The Robot consists of a body, with 6 legs attached, all with three DOF. This entails that i have a total of 19(18 from the legs + 1 from the body) moving parts. To be able to make a simulation, i need the centre of mass and the inertia...
  14. A

    Multibody system in general relativity

    Having only a limited knowledge of general relativity I would like to ask the following question: In Newtonian mechanics one just needs to know the mass, velocity and the combined gravitational force from other bodies in a system to calculate the position of a body after a small interval. The...
  15. J

    Need help finding planar multibody systems

    For my assignment I have to model a multibody system. I'm having a hard time trying to find a system that isn't overly difficult or easy. Right now I'm thinking about modeling the mechanical system of a mountain bicycle. Do any of you guys have any ideas? Oh and there needs to be a...
  16. B

    Free-body diagrams for constrained rigid multibody dynamics

    Hi all, I have been reading the book "Computational Dynamics" by Ahmed Shabana, and have a few questions. The book talks about creating "free-body diagrams" for constrained rigid multibody dynamics problems. I have attached two examples: The first is a "pendulum with a moving base": which...