What is New ideas: Definition and 14 Discussions

"New Ideas" is the debut single by Scottish new wave/indie rock act The Dykeenies. It was first released as a Double A-side with "Will It Happen Tonight?" on 17 July 2006. The band also recorded a video for the track. The song was released on King Tut's Recordings, a minor label created through Glaswegian venue King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in order to expose small unknown artists to more major record labels. The concept worked, and following the release of the single, the band were signed to Lavolta Records.
The track was re-recorded and then re-released on 9 April 2007. A new video for the track was also made. The track was released on CD with new acoustic track "Safe", a remix of "New Ideas" by dance act Kissy Sell Out (another signing of Lavolta) titled "New Ideas [Kissy Sell Out Crude Oasis]" and the video to their previous release, "Waiting For Go". Two 7-inch singles were released, containing B-sides "Layers" and "Simplify", alongside various other remixes. The re-released version peaked at number 54 on the UK Singles Chart for one week and number two in the band's native Scotland. Their next single, "Clean Up Your Eyes", would top the Scottish Singles Chart.

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  1. I

    Applying Dalton's Law: From Popcorn Launchers to Innovative Products

    Summary: TL;DR: Doing an assignment in which we are to apply Dalton's Law to a product to improve/ better it OR create a completely new product using the law. Let your creativity run wild! Hi there! I am doing an assignment in which we are to apply Dalton's Law to a product to improve/ better...
  2. M

    A New ideas about symmetry groups

    https://arxiv.org/abs/2009.14613 A group-theorist's perspective on symmetry groups in physics Robert Arnott Wilson [Submitted on 29 Sep 2020 (v1), last revised 12 Nov 2020 (this version, v3)] R.A. Wilson (physics blog) worked on finite simple groups such as the famous "Monster". He writes...
  3. davenn

    A New ideas on the mechanism of solar CME's

    hi guys solar activity has been a love of mine since the early 1970's and am always looking out for new research info :smile: some recent studies and lots of computer animations have come up with new understandings of the mechanisms that instigate CME's and other mass ejections from the sun...
  4. Katejk

    Can Technology Enhance Psychological Monitoring in Therapy Sessions?

    Hi everyone, I am an undergrad student of psychology and I was curious is anyone from you would be interested to cooperate with me to discuss possibility about device which would help psychologists monitor data about patients. From what I know we can measure breath, pulse and even temperature...
  5. Arubi Bushlee

    What is the process of invention?

    I make no promises: I came up with this idea for a new kind of nuclear fusion reactor. I do not want to give off any clues to how it works so I am going to be as vague as possible. I think it could be a viable means to nuclear fusion becoming... well, breakeven. I have by no means tested it...
  6. Planobilly

    Are all new ideas evolutionary in their nature?

    My question is about how new ideas come into being. Are all new ideas based on some form of predictive analysis or can they arrive without direct connection to other known events? This is a bit of a hard question for me to get across...lol For example, I know the values of events A, B, C...
  7. C

    Introducing SF Bay Area Scientists: Join the Discussion on Physics Forums!

    Theoretical physicist and applied mathematician from SF bay area. I'm always open to new projects and discussions, PF seems to be the place. Just wanted to say hi.
  8. A

    Where can new ideas be discussed

    I have been reading Feynmans lectures on QED. He basically states that we can describe how nature works but no-one knows why or how to fit gravity in, I understand we are still looking for a theory of quantum gravity. I am interested in the why, the how seems to have been reasonably worked out...
  9. M

    Job Skills Need some new ideas on resume formatting for CS

    Hello All! What are some different ways that those of you with CS background have formatted your resumes? I'm preparing for graduate school and was just trying to re-vamp my portfolio I know that sounds like a very broad topic but I was wondering if anyone could upload some example/samples...
  10. V

    Is there a way to get published new ideas about our universe on this

    Is there a way to get published new ideas about our universe on this forum ? Let's say Einstein would not have been, or Einstein would have had access to this forum, how would he have had to proceed to publish his ideas ?
  11. A

    New ideas for programming languages?

    Hi! I've got a couple of new ideas for programming languages. I'm curious if anyone has thought about these. 1. I was thinking about AI and it just occurred to me -- is there a programming language which has AI built into it, much as like traditional programming languages have assembly...
  12. M

    Are New Ideas Important in Physics and Astronomy?

    Are New Ideas Important in Physics and Astronomy? If so, then why are young scientists with new ideas based in logic, reason, and reality, so often castigated, impugned, and crucified while those who quietly, passively, and uncreatively accept the nonesensical mythologies of String Theory and...
  13. G

    New Ideas for shelding:manned deep space Missions

    One of the many difficulties in haveing a manned deep space mission is that durring the course of the trip, you are very likely to be hit by a large number of micro meteorites, which would penetrate the hull and start decompressing your ship. Hence we need a solution that will match these...
  14. C

    Biology: New ideas about massive Permian extinction

    I have read a surprising theory about the massive Permian extinction at http://www.nature.com/nsu/030818/030818-16.html. Briefly, Gregory Ryskin of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, argues that a tremendous explosion of the methane dissolved under the seas has caused the...