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New ideas for programming languages?

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    Hi! I've got a couple of new ideas for programming languages. I'm curious if anyone has thought about these.

    1. I was thinking about AI and it just occurred to me -- is there a programming language which has AI built into it, much as like traditional programming languages have assembly built into them (and some of the more recent ones have STL and other clases and stuff)?

    I'm sort of like imagining a situation where people could just execute the "learn" statement and the computer would learn how to do something. All you need is an array and some kind of fitness criteria. You can tweak the parameters as well (what kind of learning, for instance) if you're an advanced user.

    The issues I see here are (a) would the learning get too complicated, and (b) would it be too dangerous to get AI too advanced (think Terminator).

    2. Instead of stupid commands like printf() and so forth, have a primitive language which takes normal English words and parses them into computer commands ("write", "show" would be printf and stuff like that).

    3. What about something which automatically has a @home option and goes over the Internet to speed up your processing?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Yeah, in ideal case you could put your programming assignment text and compile it, the AI would take care of the details, if something is not totally clear it would ask you what to do... But if that were possible 99 % of computer engineers would be out of work! You don't wan't that to happen do you?

    Btw: Such thing as terminator 3 could never happen in real life, if nothing else I imagine that an authorized operator needs to manually release some safety features before a nuclear weapon could be released - who would do that anyway?
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    take a look at system C commands...they exist for areason =]
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