What is Nikon: Definition and 23 Discussions

Nikon Corporation (株式会社ニコン, Kabushiki-gaisha Nikon) (UK: , US: ; Japanese: [ɲiꜜkoɴ] (listen)), also known just as Nikon, is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in optics and imaging products. The companies held by Nikon form the Nikon Group.

Nikon's products include cameras, camera lenses, binoculars, microscopes, ophthalmic lenses, measurement instruments, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and the steppers used in the photolithography steps of semiconductor fabrication, of which it is the world's second largest manufacturer. The company is the eighth-largest chip equipment maker as reported in 2017. Also, it has diversified into new areas like 3D printing and regenerative medicine to compensate for the negative impacts from shrinking digital camera market.Among Nikon's notable product lines are Nikkor imaging lenses (for F-mount cameras, large format photography, photographic enlargers, and other applications), the Nikon F-series of 35 mm film SLR cameras, the Nikon D-series of digital SLR cameras, the Coolpix series of compact digital cameras, and the Nikonos series of underwater film cameras. Nikon's main competitors in camera and lens manufacturing include Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Pentax, and Olympus.
Founded on July 25, 1917 as Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha (日本光学工業株式会社 "Japan Optical Industries Co., Ltd."), the company was renamed to Nikon Corporation, after its cameras, in 1988. Nikon is a member of the Mitsubishi group of companies (keiretsu).

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  1. T

    Pros and Cons of Canon 600D and Nikon D5200?

    Can somebody please suggest me which DSLR camera I should buy for video: Canon 600D ( T3i ) or Nikon D5200? I have seen lots of fantastic short films made with Canon 600D ( and Canon 60D which has basically the same sensor ), whereas only very few shot with Nikon D5200, but yet I find so many...
  2. A

    Mirau White Light Interferometer. Light Source?

    Hi everyone, I'm building a white light interferometer and need help choosing and finding a white light source. I'm using this mirau objective: http://www.edmundoptics.com/microscopy/infinity-corrected-objectives/nikon-interferometry-objectives/59312 Here is the setup: I know...
  3. Y

    Help in uploading video onto Youtube.

    I never upload video onto Youtube. 1) I can video tape ".MOV" with my Nikon SLR. Can I upload onto Youtube? 2) The file is very large, would that be a problem? If so, what can I do? 3) Any instruction how to upload to Youtube? Thanks
  4. S

    Do antireflective coats increase the angle of total internal reflectio

    And I mean the angle with the normal vector. Suppose you shine a laser through a prism at a large angle of incidence, and the prism has index of refraction 1.7. You get the angle of incidence high enough, and you get total internal reflection. Then you put a 1/4 wavelength layer of MgF, index...
  5. D

    Help, they are eating all my bacteria

    A while back we were discussing the microscopic life that I had grown in a jar from a sample from my backyard mulch pile. I was enjoying using a nice surplus Nikon microscope from UC Davis, CA to check out all the different creatures that were coming to life in the material in a jar with some...
  6. D

    What are the tiny, fast-moving life forms in my yard and mulch pile?

    A while back I managed to get (2) very nice surplus Nikon microscopes from UC Davis (CA). Since then I have taken several grass root and compost samples from my yard and mulch pile and cultured them in glass bottles with purified drinking water. I wind up with all kinds of life forms that...
  7. Andre

    The X3 sensor and the Sigma XD1

    Andy has elaborated about photo sensors https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=3091595&postcount=2. The essential part: This gives the impression that a lot is wasted. If a "red" photon happens to hit a blue filter, it's lost. So every "pixel" containing two green and a red and a blue...
  8. S

    Infinity optics - position of tube lens

    Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to help me with a microscopy problem that has been puzzling me for a while. I'm building a basic microscope from scratch using a 50x long working distance Nikon objective (LU Plan ELWD, wd = 10.1mm, NA = 0.55). The sample is illuminated from above using...
  9. Andre

    The megapixel sweetspot. Canon 5D mkIII or Nikon D800?

    Recently Canon and Nikon announced successors for their lower price (but still 3k-ish) full frame cameras. The successor of the Nikon D700, the D800, boosts the original 12 megapixels to a whopping 36 megapixels, however Canon made even more impression by boosting the original 21 megapixels of...
  10. N

    Can better sensors extract unlimited info from old lens?

    I placed this in quantum department but since no comments came either it belongs here or is too trivial. Please comment. MY POST IN QUANTUM PH. FORUM ... " This problem I encountered in my photography forum. A new model of camera comes out with a much higher megapixel sensor (Nikon D800...
  11. N

    Can better sensors extract more info from old lens w/o limits?

    This problem I encountered in my photography forum. A new model of camera comes out with a much higher megapixel sensor (Nikon D800, 36mpix). I argue that such sensor will need new lenses to be meaningful. Others claim that a given lens performance (here resolution) is always utilized by a new...
  12. jtbell

    Shopping for a Nikon DSLR? Better buy it soon

    The current flooding in Thailand has shut down Nikon's factory that makes most of their consumer-level DSLR bodies and lenses. The water has been at least 2 meters deep for the past few weeks, and apparently shows no signs of receding yet. See the before-and-after pictures in the following...
  13. I

    Find the Perfect Nikon DSLR: A Guide for Hobbyists | Under $1000 Budget

    Hi there, Back in the day (10 years ago) I used to be really good at photography, however the hobby died out since I was in high school, my film budget was slim to none. Here we are ten years later, and I'm thinking of getting another camera: A DSLR. I like Nikon, so I want to stick with...
  14. P

    Youtube Video for AP physics project-Advice/Opinions Wanted

    Youtube Video for AP physics project--Advice/Opinions Wanted Hey I have to make a youtube video related to physics for our Final event of Physics Olympics. The objective is to make a performance related to physics, post it on youtube, and the scoring would be determined on the last day of...
  15. P

    Physics Final Project-YouTube Video-Advice Please

    Physics Final Project--YouTube Video--Advice Please! Hey I have to make a youtube video related to physics for our Final event of Physics Olympics. The objective is to make a performance related to physics, post it on youtube, and the scoring would be determined on the last day of class by...
  16. M

    Designing a digital eyepiece camera

    I have an optical design question - hopefully this is the right forum in which to ask. It is "engineer", but it's really optical engineering... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am wondering if someone can help me out here with a few...
  17. D

    Infinity corrected lens - expanding before tube lens?

    Hello folks, I am on a project that involves combining Raman microscopy + optical tweezers, and I made a setup over the past year. All of this is home built on minimal funds so its not the neatest of all setups. It involves an upright microscope (coupled to trapping laser) and collecting the...
  18. B

    Determine the frequency of a standing wave with Young´s modulus?

    Note: This is a laboration assignment. Homework Statement I want to theoretically determine the frequencies of the standing waves that occurs in a Chau gong when exposing it to a camera flash (Nikon sb-900) from a given distance. These shall then be compared to the frequencies obtained from...
  19. T

    Frame - Frame Grabber and SimplePCI Compatibility for Microscope Imaging

    Has anyone used the Simple-PCI program to couple with the Meteor-II Digitcal PCI card for imaging from a commercial microscope like the Nikon Eclipse? Our version of the Simple-PCI does not recognise the frame grabber at all. Any help is appreciated. Ising
  20. N

    Can I Use a Disposable Camera Flash for Water Drop Photography?

    Ok so last year I went way over my head and tried to build this http://makezine.com/04/strobe/" . Which ended up being a huge failure, now I want to try doing something simpler. I went to CVS and they handed me 12 disposable camera's then which I figured out that if apply 5 volts to a pin and...
  21. P

    Have You Captured the Inspiration Behind Newton's Work in Photos?

    Hey guys! When I was on a trip in Cambridge I took a picture of the famous apple tree, that is supposed (so the turist office claims:tongue:) to be the one, where Isaac Newton got the idea for his most importaint work. In the back there are two windows and one of them (I think it's the right...
  22. B

    Achromat lens - magnifying LCD

    Hello all! Again I am a lost molecular biologist in the realm of physics, but this question shouldn't be so difficult! We are using an Olympus microscope to take pictures of our live cultures here in the lab and we have a real REAL old nikon attached to it to take pictures. I want to be...
  23. R

    Optics, lenses, and light reflection

    Hi, I'm new to this place, and I'm not sure if my problem fits with this forum, but I'll give it a try. Right now, I'm building a laser range finder, but my biggest concern will be focusing the reflected laser beam onto a small silicon photodiode. And to add to that, I have barely any...