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Pros and Cons of Canon 600D and Nikon D5200?

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    Can somebody please suggest me which DSLR camera I should buy for video: Canon 600D ( T3i ) or Nikon D5200? I have seen lots of fantastic short films made with Canon 600D ( and Canon 60D which has basically the same sensor ), whereas only very few shot with Nikon D5200, but yet I find so many reviews that say the Nikon D5200 is an extraordinary camera in its price range, and even comparable to Canon's 5D Mark III. I do like Nikon's image quality better, but is there something I'm missing about the 600D? I'm aware that Canon DSLR's have the ability to fit with a huge range of lenses, whereas Nikon is restricted to its own and relatively only a handful of lenses. But if I'm happy with Nikon's lenses, would I still be missing something that could be useful in making videos with a 600D which is not possible with the D5200?
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    Try to put your hands on raw samples shot with both cameras. As much as I love my EOS 7D I was rather disappointed with the video quality (good, but not for 1080p, I suppose you can get the same quality from a decent 720p camera). I am not saying to expect the same kind of problems - just checking raw samples should give the best possible comparison.
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