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Shopping for a Nikon DSLR? Better buy it soon!

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    The current flooding in Thailand has shut down Nikon's factory that makes most of their consumer-level DSLR bodies and lenses. The water has been at least 2 meters deep for the past few weeks, and apparently shows no signs of receding yet. See the before-and-after pictures in the following article:

    http://www.digitalcamblog.com/201110986-nikon-factory-in-thailand-closed-damaged-due-to-flood-before-after-photos/ [Broken]

    Supplies of these cameras will surely become very tight when the current stock has been sold. I was thinking of buying a D7000 during the holiday season, but now I'm considering doing it this week, even though I'm not going to have much time to play with it for a while.
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