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    How to calculate the transition temperature in this problem?

    Summary: The transition Sn(s, gray) ⇌ Sn(s, white) is in equilibrium at 18°C and 1 atm pressure. If ΔS = 8.811K mol for the transition at 18°C and if the densities are 5.75 g/cm3 for gray tin and 7.28 g/cm3 for white tin, calculate the transition temperature under 100 atm pressure The...
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    Why does arsenic sublimate, while gallium melts?

    What does it tell you about a substance? A hight melting and boiling point means that the molecules hold together strongly, as in tungsten. A low melting point, as in hydrogen, means they're kinda loose. But what does the distance between them tell you? Something something entropy yadda yadda...
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    Boiling water without heat

    Hey everyone, I found this video on Youtube of this guy boiling water by reducing the pressure: I'm not sure how the gauge he's looking at works but I think this is the vacuum instrument he's using: ^It says that it provides...
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    What is the definition of phase lag and phase difference?

    what is the definition of phase lag and phase difference in waves and how are these 2 related?please explain in simple words and with real life examples. Please explain phase,phase lag and phase difference from scratch.
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    Classify the fixed points of this dynamical system

    Homework Statement $$\dot{x_1}=x_2-x_2^3,~~~~~~\dot{x_2}=-x_1-3x_2^2+x_1^2x_2+x_2$$ I need help in determining the type and stability of the fixed points in this system. Homework Equations The Jordan Normal Form[/B] Let A be a 2x2 matrix, then there exists a real and non singular matrix M...