What is Physics minor: Definition and 24 Discussions

Physics is a branch of science whose primary objects of study are matter and energy. Discoveries of physics find applications throughout the natural sciences and in technology. Physics today may be divided loosely into classical physics and modern physics.

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  1. person123

    Programs Math Recommended for a Physics Minor (Civil Engineering Major)

    I'm an incoming sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering, and I'm considering a physics minor. The minor doesn't have any math requirements and Civil only requires Calculus I-IV and statistics, but the major in Physics requires a long list of advanced math courses (real and complex analysis as...
  2. G

    Programs Math major with Physics minor (Complicated)

    Hi Guys, So this would sound complicated. Here is the thing, I've been in college in 2014. Went to a community college 2014-2017 and recently transferred to a four year during Fall 2017. It took me till Fall 2018 to realized how much I loved Math. Math has been my passion for a long time, but...
  3. gibberingmouther

    Programs Physics Minor with Computer Science

    I'd have to take 3 extra courses to qualify for the minor. Is it worth it? Yes, I'm majoring in computer science and over halfway through my bachelor's. I'm learning from the current course I'm taking that the online homework - and to some degree the labs - really helps with comprehension. I...
  4. S

    Programs Physics Minor - Course Selection for ME

    Hello! I'm a Mechanical Engineering major considering a minor in Applied Physics; however, there are so many choices and I like all of them. I was hoping someone could give me some feedback. Perhaps, what physics courses are most relevant for a Mechanical Engineer. In my university, New Jersey...
  5. J

    Physics Benefit of a physics minor or major in Computer Science

    I'm currently a Computer Science major, but I'm really into physics and I was wondering if there is any practical benefit to getting a physics minor, or even a major. Is there anyone looking for people with a background in both physics and CS? And would a minor (or even a major) be enough...
  6. R

    Programs Physics minor or physics major

    I'm majoring in ee for sure, maybe eecs if I get into Berkeley or MIT (unlikely but who knows what the future holds). I would also like to learn a lot of physics to build that kind of thinking and a solid background for situations in which I go into research and development in the industry. My...
  7. obstinatus

    Programs Economics Major, Physics Minor?

    As I've posted in another thread, I'm struggling with having failed to make significant progress in my physics degree; continuing to pursue it as an undergraduate major would likely result in another two years of school (and including a couple semesters off, I've already been an undergrad for 5...
  8. Haindi

    Programs What should I minor in with my Nuclear Engineering B.A.

    I am a sophomore (2nd year) at Idaho State University and am considering doing a minor in either Physics or Math, but I have not decided. I received a 3.55 GPA my first year. I want to attend graduate school after my B.A. and eventually pursue a P.h.D. I am interested in nuclear power in...
  9. P

    Schools Math major + physics minor for grad school

    I've thrown around this possibility before, but I've developed such a respect for this forum and the people interested in physics that I feel comfortable enough to listen to others input and experience. I'm attending a local University free of charge, but they only offer a minor in physics. I...
  10. A

    Schools EE grad school with a physics minor

    Does anyone here have any experience with going to grad school in Electrical Engineering with a minor in physics? It's something I've planned on doing for a while, and I'll start taking my extra physics courses to fulfill the minor next semester, but I was wondering exactly how much it'll help...
  11. QuantumThinker

    Programs Bs.physics (optics) or major in physics minor in C.S

    hi guys ! i am currently in my 3rd year of my B.s in physics with a specialization in optics , but , i don't like optics at all , so i had this idea of taking a major in physics and minor in computer science. i would like to know if you think its a good combination . need some insights...
  12. S

    Programs CS Degree with possible physics minor

    Hello, I've taken a leave of absence from UCSD (polisci major) to finish pre-requirements for a compsci degree. Initially, I left to pursue an astrophysics degree, but after taking a C++ and intro to Java class, CS has me hooked - I love the logic. So the major prep requires either two phys...
  13. S

    Programs Is a Physics Minor Beneficial for a Computer Science Major?

    I am a computer science major and took Physics 1 & 2 and now that I am done with those I am actually kind of missing physics. Physics is really interesting to me, which I know is reason enough, but I was just wondering what kind of benefits I could possibly get out of pursuing a physics minor...
  14. M

    Programs Engineering major physics minor?

    Hey guys, So here is my back story I majored in Biomedical engineering due to wanting to take challenging courses, and wanting a variety of math/ chemistry. However I am taking physics 1 now, and it fascinated me how challenging it can really be. So I am strongly considering minoring in...
  15. M

    Programs CS Major + Physics Minor useful?

    Hey, there! I'm currently a senior in high school, getting ready to apply to universities in the next month or two and I had some questions. I've found so far that I really have three fields that I thoroughly enjoy, Physics, Math and Computer Science. After looking at all of my interests and...
  16. S

    Programs EE + Physics Minor or double major?

    I'm going to be transferring to Virginia Tech from a community college in New York soon for Electrical Engineering, I have always had a strong aptitude for physics particularly E&M. I'm starting to think that I might want to end up going to graduate school for physics. My question is would a...
  17. B

    Physics Is a Physics minor recommended for EE major?

    Is a Physics minor recommended for EE major?? I will soon transfer out of my community college, and i originally wanted to get a physics minor along with my EE major. I haven't been doing so good in physics the past 2 semesters my grades fluctuate from As to Cs, and i have ended up in both...
  18. D

    Programs Computer Engineering Major + Physics Minor?

    What kind of careers could I get if I majored in computer engineering with a minor in physics? Or does a dual-major in compE and elecE make more sense? Which is better for grad school? Thanks!
  19. K

    Programs EE student with Physics minor?

    Hello, I'm currently studying electrical engineering and going into my senior year this fall. I've always had a fascination with physics since I am the type of person that likes to ask "why?". My main concern is that with a physics minor, I may have to stay an extra semester or two (not too big...
  20. Dembadon

    Programs Engineering Physics with CS minor or Computer Engineering with Physics minor?

    Hello everyone, I have been spending copious amounts of time on these forums; reading, perusing, and researching how to best prepare myself for an engineering career. I must say that I have not found a better resource for such tasks. My reason for doing so follows. My wife and I have...
  21. C

    Physics Physics minor possibility questions

    Physics minor possibility...questions! I'm going to keep this question simple because details probably aren't really needed in this. Currently, I'm a communications/management major (ex-Graphic Design Major), and I've been thinking about at the very least adding some science minor, if not...
  22. D

    Programs Curious about a Physics Minor?

    Hi I'm a senior in college and have one more year left until I get my structural engineering degree. I am thinking of getting a physics minor. I've taken 'Physics for Engineers' which is basically physics up to SR. I've also taken the Mechanical Engineering set of classes which include...
  23. M

    Programs Is a physics minor of any use?

    Hello, I'm a high school junior and as such, it's around that time where I need to start seriously considering colleges (UC Berkeley and UCLA are my top choices) and all that wonderful jazz as I move towards "real life." Anyways, I love physics since I took the course this year and have a real...
  24. L

    Programs Math or Physics Minor for EE Student at Bradley University

    Hey all, I'm currently an EE student at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. We are required to take a "Professional Elective Stem" (PES), which is a fancy way of saying "electives that make sense together." For instance, there is a Mechanical PES which involves taking statics, dynamics...