What is Power grid: Definition and 21 Discussions

Power Grid is the English-language edition of the multiplayer German-style board game Funkenschlag (in its second incarnation) designed by Friedemann Friese and first published in 2004. Power Grid is published by Rio Grande Games.
In the game, each player represents a company that owns power plants and tries to supply electricity to cities. Over the course of the game, the players will bid on power plants and buy resources to produce electricity to provide power to the growing number of cities in their expanding network.

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  1. mhr005

    Software to Simulate a Renewable Grid with ML

    Hello, I am currently working on a paper that reqires me to simulate a renewable energy grid with machine learning. I'd be grateful if anyone with experience on this can give a few suggestion as to which software to use for this task. Thanks in advance.
  2. C

    Battery sizing in systems for power grid frequency regulation?

    Hi! I have been on a renewable energy kick lately, and learned that big batteries can be used to help regulate the frequency of the power grid. But how are they sized!? If I am connecting a BESS to a power grid to help regulate the frequency, I've seen regulation of say, 25MW of regulation...
  3. jim mcnamara

    What can we learn from Texas' power grid failure?

    https://www.nbcnews.com/science/environment/one-texas-storm-exposed-energy-grid-unprepared-climate-change-rcna289 The link above is an opinion piece that discusses the possible lessons from the experience in Texas. FYI: This was a textbook system wide grid failure, caused by off the charts...
  4. anorlunda

    Grim Day on the Texas Power Grid

    This is an enormous failure, comparable to the "Great Northeast Blackout of 1965". Rolling blackouts are being imposed at a time when millions of residential customers need home heating. The oil refineries shut down. Expect gasoline/diesel shortages and price spikes nation wide in a few days...
  5. cnh1995

    Is the Indian National Power Grid in danger?

    As COVID-19 is growing exponentially worldwide, a 21-day lockdown is going on in India since 25th March. In this period, only essential services will remain open. To boost the morale of employees working in these essential services, Indian PM had asked all the citizens to show their gratitude by...
  6. G

    Power grid & generator questions

    Before I begin I have to note that my last thread of this kind got heavily moderated and closed because the moderators did not like the specific way in which I was formulating my questions, so now I want to clarify and reaffirm some of what I have learned through questions without making any...
  7. Delta Force

    Chernobyl Soviet Power Grid Post-Chernobyl

    Did the Chernobyl Disaster have any major effects on the Soviet power grid as a direct result of the accident or due the retrofit and cancellation of RBMK reactors?
  8. AsadQZR

    How does turning off a light bulb affect the entire electric grid?

    Hello Physics Forums, this is my first post! I wanted to know how the current electrical grid system works. I mean, not in terms of creation, transmission, and distribution, but rather, how you would draw it on a circuit diagram. I understand that an AC current is generated at the power factory...
  9. ugenetic

    Power Grid, L goes up, why grid current goes up as well?

    I am on a perpetual quest to understand reactive power. one of the road blocks I encountered is this text: " if inductive load in the grid increases, voltages across loads will drop. In order to maintain power delivered, grid current has to increase" That statement is quite frustrating to...
  10. anorlunda

    Insights AC Power Analysis: Part 3, Cyber Resilience - Comments

    anorlunda submitted a new PF Insights post AC Power Analysis: Part 3, Cyber Resilience Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  11. anorlunda

    Insights AC Power Analysis – Part 2, Network Analysis - Comments

    anorlunda submitted a new PF Insights post AC Power Analysis – Part 2, Network Analysis Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  12. S

    How is the US power grid kept in phase?

    A quick calculation shows that across the continental United States, spanning about 3000 miles, there is a delay from east to west coast of about 1/60th of a second. 3000 miles divided by 186,000 miles per second. This is a full cycle phase variation cost to cost. Is there truly "The Power...
  13. anorlunda

    Is increasing diversity and decentralization the key to grid cybersecurity?

    Whenever the subject of cyber security is raised, attacks on the power grid are the first example offered almost all the time. Nobody should be surprised then that there is a tremendous amount of activity and huge amounts of money being spent on grid cyber security. Much of that is being...
  14. I

    Why does the frequency on a power grid increase when generation exceeds load?

    I could rephrase the same question, why does the frequency decrease when load exceeds generation? I know these are fundamental operating characteristics of a power system network but I'm not sure I can mathematically prove it. My best guess is that everything dissipates more power when the...
  15. C

    Why is three phase power rare in US homes?

    Utility poles have a grounded wire. Is this just for lightening? Is not connected the neither one of the 3 phase wires, is it? Is the static electricity wire always present, and is it grounded (at every pole, or every x poles)? What does the multi-grounded neutral wire do, and has it always...
  16. W

    How can I simulate the power grid with distribution generations?

    Hi all, i would like to know if there is anything working on power grid simulation or other related work. I'm currently working on power grid simulation and would like to talk to people with experience in it. Any idea how to simulate the power grid with distribution generations like solar...
  17. C

    Questions about power grid in US

    1) What's the voltage in the overhead power lines in residential areas? Basically how many volts is it before it gets stepped down to 120 for your house? 2) What's the typical primary inductance of a distribution transformer that does the stepping down?
  18. M

    What is the true purpose of Smart Grid and how does it affect consumers?

    All about smart grid, New ideas and news about what's happening now in this area. Including Smart meters, Renewable Energy (Solar and Wind), Green Cars and Green IT. Lets start from the beginning What is the definition of Smart Grid?
  19. W

    About battery and power grid circuits

    Hi I'm trying to deepen my conceptual knowledge about electrical systems. I'm definitely a lay level, tradesman level user here. I'm lucky if I can do some simple algebra, so I don't want a lot of math (though I might get into that later if I want to get deeper into engineering). I have...
  20. D

    Earth's Magnetic Field Reversal: Impacts on Power Grid

    If you move a magnet towards a loop of wire it will generate a current in that wire. Could a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field be sudden enough to cause significant damage to the Earth's power grid?